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Mk2 clio Really Bad Squealing Brakes

  GT 128 VVT
Good Morning Guys,
just a quick question does anyone know the problem that's causing my brakes to squeal really loud even when applying the brakes lightly i have seen a few fixes; Copper Grease, new brake pads and new brake disk and I don't want to throw a load of money at it if it's a cheap solution.
thanks in advance :cool:
  1.5 dci Expression
Brake squeal is a high pitched vibration. First thing to try would be Copper grease on the back of the pads and along the edges where they sit in the caliper! If that doesn't work some good quality pads would be next. I had a problem with mine and ended up putting some genuine Renault pads in with copper grease on them, Sorted! ;)
  GT 128 VVT
I think I'm going to have a go on Saturday as I have access to a body shop so I have the correct tools and if not I will probably just do the same as MOT is due in June