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Monaco 172 Track Car


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If you find yourself with a spare pair of black insert xenons give me a shout pal. When you swap engines in the 172 what you going to do with the empty one? Is it not worth picking a cheap motor up and punting it on?
The shell on it ain’t the best. I could sell it on for £500 but not many people sell engines for less than £300. But if anyone needs parts then I’m going to offer them on here first. I’ve already sold parts on the basis I’m breaking it and I can break it down in less than a day anyway.

I’ve already sold the Xenons, Interior, wheels and dead engine which has paid for the car


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  Clio 182
Any update on the dci as my missus has one which I'm sure the turbo don't work like it did last year. I cleaned out the egr valve this weekend and it has made it slightly better. I'm going to take the pipe off and clean it out. How did you work the actuator?
Got my PS3’s fitted to my Rota’s today




Also pulled the engine on my other 172



My dad said I have to sell or get rid of an engine before I can keep another at his house as I currently have 3 at his I had to demote 2 to outside (they’re both covered now)


Going to pick these up tomorrow from @JP83





Jobs to do on my 172 before August:

-Clean up engine bay
-Pull out rest of AC pipes and SMI rack
-dCi rack
-Polybush bottom arms and put on new ball joints
-EPAS Column and controller
-Rear 10mm stub spacers
-braided lines front and rear
-heat wrap manifold
-197 steering wheel
-install seats and get some harnesses
-polybushed rear beam
-Fit exhaust and make a slip joint for after cat
-Clean up brakes and get some DS2500
-Fit new rear discs and front discs with rear spacer
-Remove engine from my 172
-Get belts done by @bloke, I’ll pm you to speak to you properly beforehand mate
-Cup alternator setup for PAS & AC delete
-Fit new wheels
-Cup shocks and Cooksports (that I got from @OssPoop)
-Full engine service, plugs, oil antifreeze flush etc
-Misc stuff - Magnecor leads, solid engine mounts, Black dogbone, Polybush exhaust mounts
-Polybush arb inner and outer
-Full decon of the car, machine polish, clean carpets and basically fully detail the car to within an inch of its life!

All of that and probably loads more has to be done, not in that order but yeah. Got my hands full I think

And then after all that’s done I have to break my other 172 and send it to the scrapyard in the sky. I will make a proper post when I’m ready to strip it but keep your eyes peeled for a shed load of parts!
It finally cooled down enough to clean the car. This was the first time in about a month



I also picked up all my goodies from @JP83

He’s a top bloke, lovely and stuck to his word. Can’t wait to get my car all sorted now! Comfiest buckets I’ve sat in!




Working nights Monday-Thursday this week so won’t have any chance to work on any of the cars Might book 2 weeks off work soon to give me 20 straight days to get it ready. Kinda want it on the road before my birthday on August 14th

Anyone got any tips for installing EPAS or a thread link?

I’ve also got to add Cup spoiler to be painted and fitted, grilles to be painted, fog light brake ducts and put together my fatty induction, make a battery cover and Fabia splitter

List just gets longer and longer
Started today by stripping down my spare rear beam with black series bushes

Wire brushed the whole thing by hand as my drill has shat itself, tried to buzz out the bolts but they just span then I rounded out the torx so I got funky with the hack saw (grinder is down at my dads ffs!)



I was just gonna install the 10mm hub spacers and have done but thought it would be easiest to just hammerite the sod now while I’m there


So I went from this...


To this


One less job I suppose

A few more pics of the final product


So now I’m technically back down to 2 Clio’s again as this happened



I found a f**k ton of bodges while pulling it apart and also found a tiny bit of rust in the back arches too.

The engine will live on in my other Monaco of which I will be getting the belts done on this week. Then it’s just a case of cleaning up the bay, bolting a few parts on and then slapping the engine in!

I’m going to leave Polybushing certain bits for later like the lower arms as I can do them in my own time and I also need some solid top mounts of which I’m waiting on to be made :(

Every mount will be polybushed on the car now as I received my rear shocker mounts the other day! Can’t wait to get it back together and detail it!

Managed to get the dCi detailed while at work this morning too. Doesn’t look bad to say it’s done a quarter of a million miles


My wheels are kerbed up to f**k (was the previous owner not me) but I only paid £40 for them with good tyres


Paint now feels like glass again and it’s like it’s allergic to water



I’ve been getting into MTB a lot more lately too so I’ve been spending more time buying bike parts than car parts If anyone needs any small parts that they can spot on the shell then let me know as the rest of the car will more than likely be cut up into 10 pieces with the Stihl saw this week

Took my engine to @bloke yesterday for belts etc doing, found a good sign it’s been looked after before as there was Megane bottom pulley on already. Engine already ran sweet but was good to see someone gave a s**t before me

Cleaned all of the grease from the block as my drivers CV had completely gone and caked all the way from the sump to the rocker cover in grease!

Petrol in the spray gun took good care of that


Then did a nice 350 miles in the dCi with this in the back


I’ve also been stupidly busy taking the rest of the breaker apart. Hopefully going in the bin tomorrow if all goes to plan


Might actually get the other 172 on the road this month fingers crossed... I don’t know who I’m kidding I’ve got so much to do
Breaker went in the bin. Price of scrap is at £99 a tonne!! Last time I scrapped one it was only £73. Nice bonus



Currently away for a 3 night break but still couldn’t help getting a nice few pics of the dCi. Even if it’s been battered by over 247,000 miles and done 60 miles of country lane driving today, already itching to clean it



Still need to refurb my wheels as they’re horrible, just really undecided on colour. Any suggestions welcome

Also, if anyone’s looking for a 172 bottom end and top end I have one for sale. Ideal for forging as the valves clipped the pistons ever so slightly. Could probably be used as normal but I’d rather not risk it or want others to



My last day being 21 year old. Can’t wait to wake up tomorrow and be grey, call young lads yobs and take an interest in the guardian
Been really contemplating the idea of getting rid of the dCi...

I've had my head-set on getting something else for the last 3 years but I'm that sentimentally attached to it that my fingerprints will be forever ingrained in the steering wheel. Been looking into Mondeo MK3 ST's as I want something bigger and quicker for daily driving but still as equally chavtastic that I can still straight pipe.

Cambelt/waterpump etc is getting done this week so not sure whether to keep it for a while, enjoy how cheap it is and maybe throw my spare ECU and injectors on it and get it mapped and bang a better exhaust on it as my straight pipe pidgeon s**t welded backbox pipe isn't as chavvy-derv/agri spec as I want.

@HMS Derv Destroyer advise me pls lmao!!

Plus the thing is even if it blows an engine/gearbox I have a spare anyway so I'd still keep it and repair even if it did manage to blow up


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Keep it!

My first car was a 1.2 8v clio my mum had from new. When I was 8 lol.

I drove it 2.5 years having other cars in between. Was always so glad to get into it after selling the other cars (could only insure one car at a time)

I crashed it and I regret it bitterly. That car would never of been sold.
Think I might tbh

Just bought some new discs for the front, need something to make me want to keep it. I keep realising that it's done near a quarter of a million miles so is practically worthless in most peoples eyes anyway?
Belts on Thursday as I'm off work, need to leak off test mine and fit my genuine fuel filter as this Mann one may be causing some s**t lol

Need to get my arse into gear and get CLIP and on top of all that build my 172 up. So much for having it all done for August ffs! ??
Found out today that my dCi is getting rarer and rarer?


Who knows, by Christmas there might be less than 500 at the rate that they're getting squashed!

Also been looking at options for new wheels for my 172 as I dunno if I want to use the slipstreams or not. I have a hankering for turbines!!!

Cambelt tomorrow for the dCi, praying for everything to go right as I can't be arsed with any hiccups and I don't have a backup car either?
Cambelt today, new expansion tank and I must have cleaned off about half a mtric f**k tonne of grease and oil from inside my cable covers and down the side of the block!!

Cambelt/waterpump all back on and timed

Everything all back together. And to say this is when I “cleaned” a lot of stuff up too! Still horrid and dirty as sin!?

New fuel filter needed and found that my MAF wasn’t working either! Like not reading anything at all!?

The type D looks lovely and nice inside a new expansion tank, @Sj1782 it does look like it could glow in the f**king dark!?

Also bought a replica Trophy spoiler for my Monaco and I’ll be picking that up on Sunday. @Will2010T mine may look better than yours soon?

Went through my booklet of receipts for my dCi and it still makes me laugh how much paper there is for it, probably 3 trees worth I reckon

Cheers for reading. Maybe get some stuff done to my 172 soon... maybe


Bought a few more bits for the Monaco


The big bit I need to get painted



I also did a massive marmite thing... some of you will love it, some of you will hate it



16” Megane steel wheels with brand new Nankang N-607+. Car is currently having tracking as we speak to make sure everything is all good for winter


I love the look of steels for some weird reason, can’t go wrong at £50 for brand new wheels that have never seen the road.
You fix one thing and another thing crops up!

Got the tracking, wheels etc done earlier and the car drives so smooth and the EPAS is so light now!! I can spin the wheel at stupidly low speeds with my pinky. Who would have thought after about 10 different sets of tyres that these make the steering light

But anyway, the issues....

Been having the similar electrical problem where the dCi will idle at about a grand and I won’t get any substantial boost. No variable vane etc, I found that when I pushed down the second plug on top of the ECU it idled normally...

Shame that my ECU has 2 broken brackets and when I pushed down on it (not even hard) the French plastic gave way so now I have 1 original mounting point left

So now I’ve had to do this...



I used white cable ties so I could tell where to cut next time as I don’t wanna cut something black and it be the main body loom You think it would never happen but you never know

It seems that it idles better when the ECU is in a certain position so I’m either guessing my ECU is fucked or my wiring loom is (I know the loom is fucked, I’ve had to retape half of the c**t already)

Either way I think it would be best for me to replace the loom with one I have lying about and then stick my spare ECU, injectors and UCH on as I have 2 keys for the other set too.

Something I’d rather not be doing as the engine bay on a dCi 100 is soooo packed with s**t and hoses and wires all over the shop! It makes working on a Subaru look easy

I’m hoping I can get it sorted because it’s annoying me having about 5psi of boost, I just wanna work on my 172 and not have to worry about fixing a daily driver every 20 seconds
Soooo... been having some major boost and idle issues recently. Looked on the drive and saw this earlier


Looked through the front lower grille and saw that it was a leak from my front mount turbo side boost pipe


So I spent 5 mins tightening all my boost hoses up and now it goes like s**t off of a well polished shovel. The amount of oil seems worrying to some people but to me I really don’t give a s**t No play in the turbo at all even after 249,000 miles, can’t imagine what the inlet looks like now though, may need a @HMS Derv Destroyer special terra-action
More hinges for more minges

Probably one of only a few in the country, has cup pack and LUX pack. Been mapped to 203bhp and 330ftlb iirc. Will have to dig into the folder to find the printout

It was up at a massive steal and about 2 mins from my mam and dads house so I nipped round and took it there and then. Already had 5/6 people message me asking to buy it