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Monaco 172 Track Car

So a quick little update

Bought a few more things for the Monaco

Rear ARB


PMS solid top mounts


And I did a bit of stuff that doesn’t involve laying on the driveway doing bits to the car

Titanium heat wrapped my manifold, some people will indefinitely moan and cry “it will crack the manifold” or “it doesn’t even do anything” yeah oh well.

Did the whole manifold in 2 x 10m rolls and still have loads of 1 roll spare. I’m not gonna be running a heat shield down the back of the engine so thought for the sake of £40 I might as well try it and if it doesn’t work then oh well and if it cracks the manifold then it gives me even more of an excuse for boost.

Pics of the finished product, not bad for my first time wrapping something but I didn’t really take my time to get it perfect as it’s only going to sit somewhere where it’s not gonna be seen.



My next few jobs will be to clean down all aluminium parts and spray them with alumablast/high temp Ali paint and then do all steel parts with satin black spray paint/hammerite. Need to get some bits done but I’ve lost motivation a bit lately so need to pull my finger out and at least do some bits

Where's that airbox from? I want to find a different kind of airbox for my Ph2 because the original has such a design that i can't stop it from making vibrating noise idling...

Also, nice project you got here ;)
Cambelt today, new expansion tank and I must have cleaned off about half a mtric f**k tonne of grease and oil from inside my cable covers and down the side of the block!!

Cambelt/waterpump all back on and timed
View attachment 1384030

Everything all back together. And to say this is when I “cleaned” a lot of stuff up too! Still horrid and dirty as sin!
View attachment 1384031

New fuel filter needed and found that my MAF wasn’t working either! Like not reading anything at all!

The type D looks lovely and nice inside a new expansion tank, @Sj1782 it does look like it could glow in the f**king dark!

Also bought a replica Trophy spoiler for my Monaco and I’ll be picking that up on Sunday. @Will2010T mine may look better than yours soon

Went through my booklet of receipts for my dCi and it still makes me laugh how much paper there is for it, probably 3 trees worth I reckon
View attachment 1384032

Cheers for reading. Maybe get some stuff done to my 172 soon... maybe
This airbox on the 2nd photo, seems like a mutch better system than stock.

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It’s just a 60mm offset filter banged onto the end of the MAF sensor haha. People say that it gets too hot there above the turbo but it made zero difference but made some lovely whooshy noises on boost haha
Well, i'm looking for a system that replaces the default stock airbox because the design on it is crap, i'll see what i can do... but that system with a proper sized airbox would be good no?

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Well, i'm looking for a system that replaces the default stock airbox because the design on it is crap, i'll see what i can do... but that system with a proper sized airbox would be good no?

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I was gonna make a custom one like a bucket intake (ph1 style) and have a cold air feed but then I realised it’s a retarded idea as it’s only a 100bhp diesel and just decided to slap a Ramair filter on there for more noise

So instead of actually building my car I’ve just been buying more bits and more bits just because I’m an arsewipe

Just got an RS Tuner for when the car is eventually running in 2023 and one thing that’s been on my list for ages which is a lower cambelt cover. Mine has started to open up a bit and I’d rather have a good one without any openings

My Mrs didn’t even bat an eyelid that I was washing it in the sink



Also got another set of wheels, finally found some turbines not at the other end of the country or for £500

Still have all the original metal Centre caps and bolts too


And then I was inspired by @Louis with his painted inlet and I’ve been meaning to do mine for about 3 months.

Sprayed all the Ali parts up with silver, not sure what colour to do the letter or I might just leave it




Not the best paint job but it was freezing outside and I couldn’t be arsed going the full mile because the bonnet is only gonna get shut on them anyway


Will look better than grease covered and oil spattered crap. Might pull my finger out and do something with the car at some point, too much to do and the weather is putting me off. Plus I have to drive to my parents to do anything because being a r****d I decided to pull the engine out there instead of doing it at my house
Loaded the Megane up today with boxes filled with Clio parts. These boxes are only half of the things I have for the 172



It just shows how long I’ve not touched the Clio for by looking at the steering wheel, gip



Good job I’ve got a 197 steering wheel cause that’s rank lol. Finally pushed it from its resting place and onto the drive to get some s**t sorted


Only managed to get the old rack off, put the cup bulkhead panel on and put some polybush arb inner mounts on.







Tomorrow I’ll probably jetwash the bay down and clean all the s**t off. Dress up my engine with the inlets, HT leads, cup alt setup, maybe paint the block, stick the new clutch on and bolt up the gearbox ready for Monday. Gonna give myself 3 days off and hopefully on Monday or Tuesday I’ll have a car down on 4 wheels and that starts! Shock
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Done a few more bits

Put together the gearbox mount, what a faff, couldn’t for the life of me figure out how to do it Big thanks to @JamesBryan and @STEVE.M as I’d probably still be scratching my head if not I was also missing a small spacer from underneath so had to use a few washers to space it up


Decided to use the dCi spider mount as they’re a lot more robust and less prone to snap like the petrol ones


I washed the gearbox down just because it was covered in all sorts of s**t and it’d been sat in my bunker for 6 months


Came up alright for a 90p IKEA pot brush, washing up liquid and some V-Power in a can sprayer


Then yesterday I got up mega early, drove to GSF to pick up a new release bearing and went to my mam and dads to get started. I set up my scaffold first which is a pain in the arse doing it alone. Then I test fit my cup alternator setup, didn’t realise I had to use the 75A cup alternator with the threaded bar instead of the standard 172 item, it should be able to cope with EPAS anyway.


I’m not posh enough for an engine crane and plus this scaffold will easily lift a car without folding. Tried and tested! My lifting gear is more than capable too, never had an issue lifting anything but by god is it f**king heavy! I reckon that scaffold setup weights around half a tonne


Engine then met gearbox, I hope they don’t try and kill each other


I found all the bolts for everything and even the dowel that decided to back itself out of the block. Me and my dad then set out to put it in the car


And the day came, it went in! Been a long time coming


Now the job of finding all the little brackets for the loom and getting that laid in its proper position...

Made a few minor adjustments (I bent them) to some of the brackets as the one on the front of the block made the alternator signal wire quite tight

Need to get some spark plugs now as I’d forgotten about them. Fit the driveshafts, dogbone, upper inlet, throw some engine and gearbox oil in and it should run (fingers crossed tightly)

My initial plan was to just build it into a track car straight away but I miss it being on the road. So now my plan is getting it up and running, MOT and tax I and then I can just crack on with smaller jobs like braided lines, wishbone bushes, outer arb bushes, fitting my rebuilt rear beam and a metric f**k-tonne of other stuff to go with it

It actually looks sort of like a car now, the old overflow bottle is going, I need to pick one up from GSF today before anyone asks


Does anyone know if the PAS pressure sensor needs to be connected or will the car throw a wobbly because it’s not there?

Cheers for reading

Djw John

Scotland - South
ClioSport Area Rep
That hook seems overkill!

PAS Sensor missing just means it doesn't raise the revs when the PAS is under high load such as full lock. You'll be fine
  Clio 182
Given myself something to get my arse into gear for

Booked on track for CSF19 so I want the car to be done before May so I can book on track before CSF and get some more seat time and find any issues with the car!
Lols best get your finger out

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Suppose I should give an update then...

This is currently how the car sits


Got it fired up like nothing happened, cranked it with the coil unplugged so the injectors built pressure and oil flowed a bit due to the engine being sat for 6 months and the fuel lines dry as a bone.

Only had two issues which were the lower o-ring on the fuel line connector had split and the fan not working. That's why the fan blower box and wiring were sprawled out down the drivers side part of the bay in that pic. Forgot to get a pic once I'd put it back in.

Vid of it's first start. Proper tappy and horrid at first but then it got going and sounds cracking. My dad shat himself because there was a fair amount of fuel being pushed into the exhaust and it let out a little bang when it started


Gonna try and get brake lines and new shockers on it on Monday and get it in for an MOT so I can do other bits at my house

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Got the clio moving under it's own steam today. Spent 20 minutes aligning the shifter mech, bits of a pain but I've got it proper spot on and it goes into gear effortlessly. Shame really as I'll be putting in a Scenic shifter at some stage,

Just need to put on my cup shocks and cooksports then braided lines and it could be ready for and MOT

I also got a pic of both of the cars together for the first time without one being in pieces


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Update time

So I wanted to have the car on the road by now but life gets in the way.

So today I just decided to stick my new cup shocks, solid top mounts and cook sports on

Straight away the old shock gave me issues so I tackled it the best way I know... take the grinder to the fucker


Then I started building up the new cup shocks, cooksports, new top hats and PMS solid top mounts. @OssPoop the cooksports are actually being used after buying them like a year ago

Instead of using the s**t Renault bump stops and dust boots I used some spare Polo 6R ones I had from when my sister put coilovers on her car. They're 10x better and wont split in half after 20 seconds. I cleaned them out and put a slit in then then cable tied them tight around the shock.

Fully built up shock minus the ABS line bracket which I took off and sprayed with some satin black

Then I cut down some new bolts instead of using the w**k torx ones


Under the car when fitted up


Drilling out the holes in the tuttets for the PMS solid top mounts was nervy, marked it out about 3 times before drilling a pilot hole, then I checked it twice again and then drilled it out to 8mm


Then I drilled out the other side


Decided to stick in my wheel studs and PMS spacers that I picked up for £12 just while I had the wheels off


Put my battery cover on and bolted everything down properly, bit fiddly but I'm happy with it all


Will get some more pics of the car but it looks so much better and 10x more aggressive.

Just need to stick my braided lines on as the NSF original line is rusty as f**k, might wire in and fit my EPAS and put in the dCi column before I take it for the MOT. I did take it on a naughty drive up and down the street but it feels nice and tight but it needs the tracking doing after I stick some camber bolts in.

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im on -2.5 with stock 1.5 rear. Handles like a dream, though with a host of mods and increased castor!
Yeah that sounds about what I'll be going for, was thinking about cup arms etc. I think in the long run I'll mock up some roll centre stubs on some old hubs but rather than have bolt in ones I'll weld and gusset them to the bottom of the hub and then use some massive rose joints

Unless a full kit comes up dirt cheap then I'll just buy that

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