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Monaco 172 Track Car

Went to Harry Potter studios on Friday with the Mrs

Obviously being a bloke I pre-planned collection of car parts on the way there and on the way back?

I sold my unpainted trophy rep spoiler and got one that's already put together and painted in Monaco?

I'll probably fit it when it's got MOT because I dont want it sat about in my dads garden under a tree with it on and my 3rd brake light works so I cba messing yet?‍♂?


I replaced the wishbone on the passenger side 2 weeks ago for Strongflex yellow 90sHa ones... well, I only did one side bevause the other side is going to be a c**t to get off as the inner part of the wishbone Bush has seized to the bolt.

I bought some dirt cheap Powerflex black bushed arms for the time being, as I dont know which f**king way the bushes need to be on the Strongflex ones?

As you can see I was really pleased when doing the strongflex ones, I couldn't swear properly because I'd twatted my fingers when pressing out thebold bushes


And then I was in an even worse mood when I did this


So obviously you have to upgrade


I was hoping to have it MOT'd by now. I'm gonna leave the EPAS until after the MOT because cba. I just need to reset some codes, replace brake lines, put my bucket seats in, replace the lower arms and give it a proper wash so the MOT tester doesn't think I'm bringing him a bag of s**t I've thrown together within a week?

Ta for reading
Started mocking up my buckets. I found a few bits wrong/annoying

Firstly, because in a fat c**t I have to get XL seats. Because they're XL they dont line up with any holes on the subframes??


Secondly, the previous owner of the seats failed to mention the part where he snapped off one of the mounting bolts in the seat. So yeah, cheers


And annoyingly it's the one I wanted to use as the drivers seat as it's still in FIA date until 2022 and the other one runs out this year and has a heat gun burn mark on it

Never the less I needed to get one in there to love the car about for the time being. It's a tight squeeze when I placed the seat sort of where I wanted it


I came back to it the next day because adult duties called?

Started out by laying some tape and marking out a few places where I need to mount the side mounts to the subframes


Measured 3 times and then pressed on by drilling holes all over the shop?

This hole goes through the sidemount, subframe and then uses the existing but underneath as the bolt would make the subframe rock if not.


I'd just hovered it and I couldn't be fucked to remove the subframe again so out came an old sheet?


Then my punch started enjoying me so I stuck it in the drill and sharpened it on the grinding wheel. Now I dont have to worry about it sliding all over when I'm trying to stamp a point!


Got all my holes drilled and the sidemounts in place... I messed up at this point too. I spent 10 minutes bolting everything down like this...


Then forgot that I'd not stuck the seatbelt in!?☹ doh


After all that I got the seat in and I'd raised it and brought it a little more forward than I first anticipated but it feels better for it...



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Looks like my subframe! Ive been drilling holes non stop since I got it, I settled on using spacers to raise it up so it was flush with the lip, then drilled lower holes in the side mount to bring it back down, did this so I could put it left more central with the wheel. What a hassle though..


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Fair enough! I made a door card as the ledge was too close for me, I would sometimes go to reverse and lock my arm between the wheel and the card and proper bend my wrist back it was not nice lol


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Are you going to leave the passenger seat out or is just while work is being done?
Few little updates for the bag of s**t


100mm brake ducts


Pulled out the carbon canister and blocked off the breather with a wheel bolt. Who knew they were a perfect fit? Cheers @Louis for holding my hand, EML is on now tho?


Camber bolts slapped in, I removed this nut afterwards and swapped the bolt the other way round, I used a standard non sport Clio nut.


I bought yet more wheels... These are the last pair... honest


Then I fitted my buckets, had to drill out the old snapped bolt and I just nut and bolted it. I cleaned the rear out too because it was a bit grotty


Then I cut some carpet, my mums kitchen floor is nice and open. She was out so she couldn't kick off at me?



Buckets look the part fitted, they're a squeeze because I'm using weird sidemounts. What a pain in the arse but they're in and they're not coming out now!!


Fitted the Fabia splitter. Headlights are fucked and need sanding, might do that next


Cheers for reading
Started cleaning up a set of Brembos I had in the garage. Might as well chuck em on the Megane and then the Megane ones can go on the Clio?


They'd definitely been painted by a licker and the car they were pulled from wasn't well looked after either.

I fought with standard Brembo pins that were bent and full seized into the calipers?


Yeah my best advice for Brembo users is use grease and get Mr Pink pins. The standard ones are f**king s**t for daily driven cars!

Some quick before and afters. I used some brass wire brushes on an old drill and then a bit of 240 grit wetpaper. Out of all the paint slopped all over only a few bits actual stuck properly?

Before Vs After pics




Then it started raining so I came inside to watch Mr Robot and sulk because I wire brushed the inside of my leg and it stings like a b**ch!??


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If they'd come off of some track nutter car I'd love them, but I guess not? Yeah black'll be good :cool:
Got my TD's back from powdercoating and got my NS2R's (100 compound ones) put on and marked them up with what corner they need to go on so I dont have to do any thinking? Cheers to @dann2707 for recommending the place, the finish is decent and for the price I paid I wont complain one bit!



I've mainly been doing bits to get it into an MOT bay. This included putting the horns back in and bending the f**k out of the bracket so they clear the 100m brake duct


Some people will moan they're not pointing at the brakes... they do... a bit


Good enough for me and should provide plenty of air. Worst comes to worst I can bend up some deflector plates

Chucked on the polybushed lower arms, I had some strongflex bushes I'd pressed into some arms but I wasnt sure about how they go in. Some black series arms came up for pittance so I got them instead and put them on. The strongflex yellow bushes look the exact same as the powerflex ones if anyones wondering

I made up some new washers to stop the bushes splaying out under hard braking.


The OS was a pain as it was the original balljoint and wouldn't come lose for love or nothing! It looked like the car had been at the bottom of a b*****d lake for the past 10 years! After laying on the floor for 15 minutes holding a blowtorch against the bottom of the hub and getting the bolt hot cherry red it finally just tapped out really annoyingly easily?


Got another bonnet to throw on that's in better nick than my other one. I thought it was mint but when I got it home and cleaned off all of the dust I found this


Wounded. Still 10x better than the rippled one on there now and at £30 I'm not losing out on anything!

Now it's just a case of getting my airbag light turned off for good, cleaning up the brakes and giving them a check over along with cleaning up each reluctor ring as my ABS light comes and goes as it pleases. Then it should be sound for an MOT and any other jobs like brake lines and the rear arb can be thrown on at my own leisure.

I've owned the 53 plate Monaco for over a year now and never had it 'properly' on the road. Been a long time coming tbh so I'll be glad to slap its tits on a road test as its maiden voyage will probably be the 20 mile journey from my mam and dads house to my house? I will have it finished before Jult and she will go to the ball

Ps. Some finished pics of the calipers I was refurbing above



Ta for reading


Small update

Did one of the most satisfying jobs you can possibly do to a Clio. I wet sanded and polished the headlights





Makes a right bloody mess mind! Sat there hand sanding for about 30 mins each headlight with 800 grit as they were deeply oxidized. Then I moved through 1000 grit, 1500, 2000, 2500 and 3000 before sticking on a wool pad and some heavy cut on the DA. Then finished it off with an orange Hexlogic pad and Plast-X then some PBW glaze as I ran out of ceramic coating and I think clear coat just seems to take away a bit of the clarity.

Owned it for over a year and gave it it's first wash? Was only a quick one bucket wash, the paint is shocking so I'm hardly gonna inflict more damage to it.

Then I took it for a drive around the village for 15 minutes, the tracking is way out as it pulls all over the shop, the brakes need cleaning up as they were less to be desired, the ABS light and Airbag lights are still on too. Although, I realised yesterday that I removed the rear belts so that may be why my resistors aren't working?? Pulled onto the drive after giving it a bit of a tickle and steam was pumping out the front grill, I flicked up the bonnet and started panicking like mad!...

Turns out it was just water sat on the top of the rad evaporating off from where I'd washed it, phew!

I then installed the rear air freshener holder


I've got all the stuff I need to do, down to one sheet of A4 too!?


If anyone is willing to offer a hand then you're more than welcome and will 100% be repaid in beer tokens. I've spent a year building it on my own or with my dad and now it's just got to the annoying bits to get it "finished". I say finished, it probably wont be because I'll blow something up on it, lose my rag, then spend lots of money making it better?

On a sidenote, I dont want to jinx it, but... From what I've seen so far this gearbox doesn't leak out of the selector seal, doesn't crunch and doesn't make weird noises. So that means something is terribly wrong because Renault gearboxes aren't supposed to be like that?

Ta for reading


Right then, massive update with the blue c**t

I've been trying to cross as many jobs off my list as I can so I can get the dickhead MOT'd and drive it a bit before CSF. I DO NOT want the maiden voyage to be the trip to Blyton, I'm already paranoid as it is!

So first jobs were to put on my painted rear beam with black series bushes along with the Whiteline RARB, braided lines and some 10mm stub spacers

I freshened bits up here and there as I don't fancy taking anything off in the near future which started with painting the calipers, cleaning off the stub axles, sticking in new hardware for the ABS sensors as the torx headed ones are just cuntish! I did all 4 calipers because it made sense

Stripping and cleaning... The ONLY way to remove bleed nipples is to first heat them to approximately the same temperature as the sun and then use an 8mm socket!


Pics after a rub down


Pics after some K2 caliper paint



New hardware for the ABS sensors (I painted the caliper carrier satin black after the pic)


It took me and my dad a whopping 25 minutes to completely remove the rear beam, it took me 4 hours on my dCi last time! Then again I didn't own an impact gun and that took the majority of the work away, so glad I bought it now as it saves so much time on jobs like this

Everything back on the car


All mounts on the car are now polybushed/solid apart from the centre exhaust hanger

Next job was to do the front brakes, I bought some braided hoses and I stuck them on with the painted calipers, stuck some fresh PBS pads in, bled everything up and then checked lock to lock...

erm... Is that supposed to happen?! I think not! (Goodridge hoses for anyone wondering)


Brake line is a bit short and when giving it welly on full lock it pulls on the backside of the shocker. All in all a bit cheesed off as I had to order some more

A few days pass and new lines arrive


I bought them too long... Before I even measure them I knew they were a bit too long!

Oh well I'd rather them be too long than too short, I bought some banjo type ones for when I go to Brembos too at £65 delivered for the lines and fitting gear next day I can't grumble.

Fitted them to the car, cable tied the 'excess' out of the way and added some thick poly sheathing and tape to areas where I think there may be minimal contact/rub. Nothing catches with the wheel on but I'd rather be safe than sorry (I know a lot of you will have a quick chuckle at the f**king state of em)

Pic of the other side


Got everything bled back up and flushed out with ATE Type 200, took it for a quick spin and it brakes a lot better, tracking still needs doing so it leaves a lot to be desired in terms of handling but I can't hear any rubbing/knocking so at least I haven't left anything loose after spending a year of building this t**t!

Next few little bits, 1.2 8v heatsheild just to keep any extra unwated heat away from the brake lines


Continued in next post...
I then moved onto the task of removing the ABS, airbag and other lights from the dash so I broke out my RS Tuner that I completely forgot I'd bought. It didn't have any modules though so I had to buy the code for them (of which I made a right f**king hash job of) at the small sum of only £75 *gulp*. Oh well I'm getting desperate now and it will stay by my side for many years to come, I hope

So I cleared the codes from memory (there were about 25 DTC's just in memory) and set out to getting rid of the lights, I was sat there chasing the same codes for about 15 mins when it clicked to me... I was getting codes for the calibration of the steering angle sensor, when I put the dCi rack on I span the steering wheel like a f**king windowlicker so it knocked it out of whack. 10 minutes pass and now I have it in the yellow and I've fixed some more issues as the volume buttons were fucked on the stalk so I picked one from my stock bin and swapped it out ?



The ABS and traction lights both went off but the airbag and service stayed on... hmmph weird... I then turn the steering wheel and the traction light comes back on... Oh f**k offfff:rolleyes:? I'm now wondering if disconnecting the battery for 30 mins will stop it from being a shitbag or if the angle sensor is just shagged

That's one job still to be sorted though, I moved onto other things that were more 'fun'

I replaced the drivers side interior door handle as this door was on my old 172 as well and had the most gross s**t in the part where you pull



After. Nice and clean and I know I won't get syphilis from it anymore






Then I started painting things... Lots of things





More pics in the next post...
Painted the scabby engine mount bolts


I got them all nice and pretty


Then ran them down with the ugga dugga and fucked them up again



Everything cleaned up now


It's never gonna be a show car but at least I can see where my efforts have gone into!


And now obviosuly I can't leave the last post on a high note...

So heres a pic of something leaking from the silly b**ch. Luckily I have a brand new rad that I can fit and it should be one of them jobs that only take an hour or so... it's not leaking that bad because I had it idling on the drive for half an hour and that's all that leaked out of it, it gives me more excuse to spend more money and maybe buy a blue MTC hose kit...


Ta for reading/scrolling through all the pictures :)


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  Kangoo 172cup
Not keen on the zip tied flexi hoses mate, id go back to standard hoses that fit properly. I too had issues with braided flexis catching the strut on full lock on the Kangoo, decided not to use them in the end and stayed stock.