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  182 cup
I will be having the mounts done witht he RS2 Mani, supposed o give a slight increase in car vibration but will stiffen things up a bit.

I have the Powerflex dogbone mount on now and its tidied up the change alot. this can be done on the drive if you have the right tools. i used a bearing press in work to pop the old bushes out but it can be done with a vice nad hammer.

think the Engine mounts are best to be done by a garage, can be done on driveway but requires jacking engine up tol swap them.
  172 Cup
I'm using these at the minute. A bit hard when first fitted but after a week or so they soften down a bit. It's amazing how tight the car feels. The Vibratechnics stuff is a great piece of kit. Would recommend it to anyone.
  big boost cup
got them ordered now so i will find out soon enough what about the twisted something or other mount worth doin that at the same time
  monaco 172
dogbone mount is easy. Took me about 20 mins in total and thats including wacking out and blowtorching the old bushes.