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Mpg drop

  RENAULT Clio 200
Hello, iv a Renault sport Clio 200 ff and iv maintained a steady mpg of approx 28 mpg for the 6months I’ve owned the car. It was serviced when I brought it and only since had the front pads replaced and a puncture repaired but steadily over the last month or so the mpg has slowly dropped down to a point where iv noticed that I’m spending a ton mor eon fuel and driving less. Finally I reset the trip computer and went for a 10 min drive and the mpg sat at 18mpg and was dropping as I was idling, all the way down to 14mpg!
If 14-18mpg is accurate I’m burning fuel at almost twice the rate but nothing has seemed to have changed ?
Iv seen thermostat threads saying this being faulty can cause extra fuel to be used but that it usually sits cold trying to constantly heat up, but if anything mine sits a lil hot at just around the middle point or a tad over.
I’m going to get a full on service done but will have to wait for a month or so due to the waiting list where I go, don’t want anything to get worse in the meantime.
Any ideas ?


ClioSport Moderator
Likely to be a lambda sensor, possibly an injector or spark plug. Have you had any misfires, loss of performance or lights on the dash?
  RENAULT Clio 200
Performance seems fine, I do get a small popping noise that’s doing all the way through the car out the exhaust. Doesn’t seem like misfiring as it’s irregular and doesn’t change under load ? (Seen another thread saying the same sort of stuff)
I’m sure it just needs a good service but will cost me a bomb until then