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My 172 is so.........

frikkin slow!!!

i got it from lockup now im back in HK and well, getting used to t again as compared to my MK1 XR2, its got a tiny gear throw (and i mean TINY), teh clutch is super llight with NO feel, and power steering is another thing....this thing is a limo!

haha, had a laugh, sounds gorgeous.......

But when i went to floor it.....i remember wheni had it, it used to throw me back and i used to think it was fast.

But now its just like.......weeeeee....more than wow......

i dunno, i thinki was expecting too much...gonna have to get those damn TBs as anything below 200bhp now is seeming pants.

Not dissing it, i love me car......but im jsut feeling glum.....i want a major pocket rocket!

Mine dont feel all that fast to me anymore either - Check out Performance GTI topic in this forum. Interesting that quite a few Clios arent pulling 172 bhp as stated!!

yeah, true.......very....

But nobody can vouch for validity, and actual outputs dont matter to long as i have enough power to keep up or infront of similar of better cars im fine.

When i did my car, we took the reading, factored it to 166bhp which is what the factory send them out as, then worked on the mods from there to get about, its all relative.

I dunno whats wrong with them, maybe they just dont like RRs cause after each run, mine would flash and beep until it was fiddled with.

the car will handle 250bhp fine

the gearbox is ultra strong and the only really weak link will be the clutch......

and of course you cna run the std suspension and brake setup as it really is very good, i love the std suspension, very very progressive for the rd.....but possibly some brakes which REALLY halt it would be nice.

Cool. Youve put evil thoughts in my mind! If i still decide on a 172..ill be looking at about 210/220. Id need an extra 20bhp to beat the power to weight of the cup, then a little bit more, just for the hell of it.

if i had teh money....stuff teh elise will be far better.....unless your a bit pou say......LOL :p

the 172 runs out of puff when u get used to it, and the only prob is tunning need SERIOUS money........i hate the RENIX system!

I think youd always get used to the power of the car, i mean an elise engine is hardly over whelming. I think id actually take a VX220 lightning anyway. Im still thinking about a boxster, depends how business goes.
  320d M Sport

i agree, give me an Elise ANY day of the week!


ps-u know your 172 aint slow so stop moaning!!!;)

i want to race 172 in mine, i know its a guess but if im lucky i could be making 160 BHP when the lighter weight is considered i think mine might give it a good run for its money, it certainly seems fast and i have been driving it for a few months now with the new engine, the noise is fantastic too, quiet when your pottering along but when its at full tilt it sounds like its going to take off, not exhaust rasp but just induction noise, its asesome and no matter what goes wronmg with it i shouldn;t have to pay more than £200-£300 to fix it, 172s and CTR are not so frugal even if more reliable

Ben you should have heard that lotus tuned Lada on top gear, it was runing an odd Lancia engine i wasn;t familier with, i think it was a flat 4 twin cam N/A running TBs it was throbbing is the best way i could describe it