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My 197 with cat-back!

  SG boost'd 200
After purchasing my 197 back in March, I realised a few things.... Firstly, its an amazing bit of kit that is worth every penny and secondly it was a bit too quiet for my liking. So after having a search through the forums and seeing what people fit when it comes to a cat-back system.... I thought lets try something different! Spoke to a couple of custom exhaust exhaust companies and finally settled with Fast Road Conversions in Ashford ( 15mins away from me) Very impressed ith their work and has woken the car up! I'd reccommend them to anyone as the price is on parr with off the shelf systems!





I'll also try and get a moving along at a rate video, but for now.....
  SG boost'd 200
Cup spoiler, get the wheels powder coated black and lower it are on the things to do list ;)