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my black clio 172

  clio 172 phase 2
hi heres my clio 172 sport . tell me what you guys think .

il get a thread up when im not so busy :)





thanks for looking dan
  clio 172 phase 2
Hi guys im from south wales carmarthen. I want to get some spacers on the front and i really want a stealth yozza system decatted then maybe a rs tuner and a map then . thats about it fOr now.
  ibiza cupra
i like, but then i would as mine is black with white wheels too lol.
you obviously have very good taste ;)
  clio 172 phase 2
Haha cheers bud goin to the body shop friday for a full detail and a few bits sprayed up . Will get good pics once thats done
very nice mate , only things for me that let it down am afraid to say its that sticker on boot lid and some people like it some people dont ad say remove the rear wiper but its real nice!
  clio 172 phase 2
Does anyone know where i can get some shiney wheel nuts . And what do you guys think about the
Towing eyes ? Also where can i purchase some spacers the hubcentric type
  SEAT Ibiza SC FR
15 inch wheels are best. Although the 14 inchers on my old Ph1 Si made for epic handling and compliant ride. 16 inch wheels are too big for a Mk2 Clio IMO.
  clio 172 phase 2
Re: my black clio 172 (New solid top mounts )

My new pure motorsport top mounts arrived today :)


Tell me what you think
  clio 172 phase 2
Cheers bud ! Ive seen your car ! You went past pensarn road a while back . By the citroen dealership and kwikfit and all that . Looks nice on orange wheels dude . Where abouts in llanelli you from
  182 Track Project
Oh my first spot! Ha yeah i was probs leaving the cafe by there (nice breakie too) where you in the clio? Live by bynea mate
  182 Track Project
Ah right, probs seen you! Lol now and then, I'll have to come
Up carmarthen one night
  clio 172 phase 2
Hey guys a little update got my new solid top mounts fitted well pleased with the steering response so much better .

Umm the car has just gone to my renault mechanic for a new cambelt,dephaser, aux kit so progress is steady at the moment i will get some good pics once its back :)