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My new 16v :)

  '92 172, Lotus Elise
some of you may remember my incident with my RT. well, ive now got a 16v to replace it! :D

its a ph1 in 449 blue, and i've stuck my turbines on it


token sports car shot ;) (pub opposit silverstone, if anyone knows it? Green Man Inn)

The difference adding 8 more valves makes is phenomenal. it will pull all the way to the red line, whilst making a fantastic noise on the way :D. I have to really control myself to keep to the speed limit though, so tempting to floor it!

more photos here.

It has a few dents in the doors which i'll need to get pulled and the usual rusty rear arches :(. Anyone know of a place either in Devon or Herts where I can get this done (and a rough price! :D)
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How'd you go on with the insurance for you old car? Did they catch the guy who got friendly with your bonnet?
  Fiat Panda 100hp
dosnt look like england lol, more like spain or somewhere.

I want to have a drive in a 16v, want to see how well it really does pull.

Nice car btw
  '92 172, Lotus Elise
no, the police have written to him.. and he has 28 days to respond. If he doesnt respond... they'll write him another letter!! the terror!

I found a scrappy with a 995 green clio in it and had the wing, bumper, fogs, skirt etc off him (for £30!!) and i've repaired the damage myself (stuck my old bonnet back on). Now that it looks as good as new, I can get the other insurance claim (the bloke who reversed into me) to pay up for the dent in the other wing/door without writeing my car off.

Ive stopped the claim on the first hit, as I simply wasnt going to get anywhere and I don't have the time to sit around waiting for them to sort it - especially as i wanted a new car.

Im now insuring 2 cars (both in my name! :eek:) etc.. at the age of 20, whilst being in uni. not fun :( But hopefully someone will buy my RT, and give me some cash :D

:edit: hah, the photo of it on its own was taken just after it had rained, so the grass was nice and green. And the person who took the other pic (with the lotii) claimed his gf had done something to his point'n'click cam that made everything look really vivid. i think it looks good though :)