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My new pics

looks alright mate, your tints are well dark. I didnt fancy getting them that dark, its hard enough to see with medium tints!

Yes, but how can they justify the £92 price tag for a couple of bits of metal.

Anyway I have mesh behind the black grill that looks okay.

there is a silver clio near me, and they have sprayed the plastic grill silver...looks pretty good.

id be tempted to do it my self as well, paint from halfords etc!
  Lionel Richie

Lower it more!!!!! Lose the mudflaps, and i hope that isnt a stick on exhaust i see!!!!!!

Looks mint otherwise

The tints were done by TintR in Nottingham £150 (

Yes it is a stick on exhaust, but its the best I can do for now. I was going to lower it more, but its bumpy enough as it is.

What bits would I need to spray the front grill???