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My New Valver

  Was a Clio 1.8 16v

Once upon a time (2 years ago) I had a nice black 16v which i sold , in the mean time Ive had a turbo and a vtec and im back to owning a Clio 16v, because there just more fun! :D

Needs a few bits sorting Im getting done but seems like a clean motor, so if anyone has a phase 2 blue front grill or blue standard petrol cap with a key (could be a copied 1) please PM me, cheers, Michael.

Used to be owned by Paul Clio 16v, heres some pics:

PS: IVE NOW GOT A NICE ROVER 416 FOR SALE, 70k N reg, full electrics , tax and mot, ONLY £950 no offers, see for sale post, cheers. ;)

[Edited by Mikey16vClio on 11 October 2004 at 6:21pm]
  Was a Clio 1.8 16v

Agreed, 2 of them have been shined and look wicked. I like the retro look.

It seems a lot quicker than my last one. :confused:

Dont like the Dimma petrol cap cover thats been screwed on! :(

I think the phase 2 grill looks better though so Im going to get 1 of those.

Yep phase 2 grill is better although yours looks like its been sprayed blue should be black and i would keep the wheels they look great.
  TT 225

Welcome back Mikey - remember telling you not to sell the valver in the first place for the fez ;)