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My old clio for sale


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  Whichever has fuel
That will sell to a chav. Infact, I might do that to the black one i've got!!

Mines newer with half the miles and 500 squid cheaper!


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I have another update on the car :( Been keeping an eye on it and the dealer has moved on. I managed to find the car again though.... and they've made it worse :(

I feel like i've let the car down now :(

If I ever win the lottery (extremely long shot, i know :p) then i would buy it back, and turn it into a track monster :)


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And they have even fitted Lexus rear lights ? ........w**kers !!

Yeah :(
Here's a pic from when I had it,


Was really tidy back then...

Here's the dealers page with more pics:

I find it funny how they can't even get the facts right about it.

Electric Mirrors - Nope
Heated Mirrors - Nope
Side Airbags - They're there but arn't connected, as didnt have them on the original seats when i swapped them.
Radio CD - It's a Radio and iPod player, can't play CD's
Cruise Control - I wish it did lol
182 Full Leather - Actually 172 half leather half alcantara :p
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