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N.W Newbie


  182 cup + Elise
Hello all,

Newbie here from Warrington in Cheshire:)

My wife and I recently bought an '05 182 Cup (French blue?) Not our first Clio though as we have had a few over the years, '92 1.8 16v, 94 Williams 2, 96 1.8 16v before moving onto an Elise and then the pinacle of our motoring career was the '51 1.2 16v Punto !!! :S Anyway back in a Clio now and loving it, we have had it for 5 days now and have already done over 800 miles in it, the best of those miles was over the Cat and Fiddle road Buxton to Macclesfield. Anyhow just a quick Hi to introduce ouselves, Simon & Kim.
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Send me a PM and i'll add you to the mailing list. We have a run up to the Cat & Fiddle on Sunday! Come along.


  Focus TDCi
Not too good at reading follow up replies I see Christopher. :p

Welcome to the forum to the both of you, as you will see by his blue name you have already met one of our lovely area reps.

Keep an eye out for future meet ups, the NW aint half bad at getting plenty of people together. :)


  Focus TDCi
Sorry dude, I don't get on here much at the moment. What's up?

Don't worry about it fella, was only messing:

legohead01 said:
hi there. theres a meet at the cat and fiddle this weekend

Hi, Sorry wont be able to make this as we are both working :-(


We have a run up to the Cat & Fiddle on Sunday! Come along.

Although not seen you for ages come to think of it, will have to try and make it to the Cat & Fiddle run myself.
Welcome mate. NW is a great area to own an RS Clio in, loads of members from the NW on here, especially Warrington.


  182 cup + Elise
Hi mate im also from warrington, where in warrington you from?

We live in the really really posh area more commonly known as Bewsey !

Wouldn't mind a run up the C&F but cannot make it tomorrow, work most weekends:( hopefully soon to change though:D be careful up there tomorrow as we don't want to be reading on here about accidents or more commonly runs in with the BiB. The sign that says ariel speed enforcment or similar is not for show! Planning a trip over to Snowdonia in the next few weeks to take in the scenery and good roads that N.Wales has to offer, looking forward to that.:D
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  182 cup + Elise
Welcome to CS. French blue? Do you mean Racing Blue? Glad you're enjoying it! :)

Ah, thanks, wasn't sure what the correct name for it was. So its Racing blue with no stripes. I followed a very nice 182 Trophy the other night into ASDA Birchwood, anyone here ?


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  340i M-Sport & 182
Welcome to the club and you see me about no doubt, i live in Westbrook