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Nearly finished boot install

Ok, right now I hated to do this as I am a lil old to be a boom boom boy racer but I have almost finished this:

I used to DJ many years ago and now to keep with the times I mix sets on my laptop. So I thought , wouldn,t it be cool to mix live from the boot of my car. Just plug the laptop in and there ya go, while of course having the obligatory cd unit, wheres that mirrorball.......


Hi Renwill..

Jeeeeeeeeeeeeez m8.. I aint got a clue what it does lol... but it LOOKS bloody impressive...

damn new fangled gadgets.......

It needs to have uppy-downy things like pistons and roundy-roundy-pressy-valvey type things for me to get me head around...

one day.. we cut a deal.. you sort me music out.. I will breath on your engine...


Thnx for the kind comments guys, the info:

Sony Head Unit powering the Kenwood 90 watt full range Speakers up front, With Sony 10 cd auto changer.

Sony Xplod 760 watt (RMS) Main amp powering just the 2 250 watt subwoofers (soon to be upgraded).

Sony Xplod 300 watt (RMS)Amp powering the Kenwood 6X9s in the rear parcel shelf.

Oxygen free cables to the rear subs and 6x9 speakers.

SoundLab 2 way active crossover to split the frequecies up, Bass only to subs and Mids and highs to the 6X9s to make a crisp but not overpowering note.

Subs in custom made, by yours truly, MDF sealed boxes with porting to tune the bass for drops down to 27hz ( I like whales to enjoy the sound too)

Loads of MDF for the custom install and Acoustically transparent felt to cover the ugly mdf. Simple Williams W cut from MDF and covered.

Custom made Patch cable to allow me to connect my Laptop so I can do Live sets.

Rear parcel shelf to be recovered and just a few cosmetics to infill the rest of the boot of all I did it all in 2 days flat

Captain, sure I think we can sort something out.

Thnx again for the kind comments....I wanted to look as good as it sounds.

  Clio v6

I think all that looks smashing, very tidy a nice job indeed. I wish I had a boot now

I am a tad ignorant about "ICE" Please tell me why the speakers seem to be facing towards the tailgate?
Can the sound be heard when the parcel shelf is in place.

I though maybe it was done that way to have sound at a beach party etc with the tailgate open?

Hello Dash, thanx to you too for the comments.

The subs facing the tailgate: I would like to tell you that its all to do with acoustics and all that but to be honest the reason is purely cosmetic. You could have then facing anywhere in the boot as they are in ported boxes, you would get little or nil sound difference no matter where they were located. However, if they faced the rear seats, which some people do, they would almost definately rattle the seats and add distortion to the equasion. I suppose you could also add that the sound would reflect and bounce from the rear hatch therefore making more sound per foot of free space, Like done with the 6x9s in the rear shelf, positioned to bounce the sound around from the rear window so filing the available space with sound.

The sound from Bass speaker can be both heard and felt due to the low frequencies, think of your neighbour when they have their music loud, you can usually just hear the bass through the walls of your house. So a big YES, you can hear the bass clearly when the parcel shelf is in place.

Renwill, Have you got any pictures of your boot build part way? Im just looking round for some hints on how to start a boot build and any construction techniques, Im itching to have a go, but need some hints on where to start, how to fix things down etc....



Sorry mate I dont have any pictures of the half way through install. I would be glad to talk you through it at the next clio meet in Southend if you are going to make it there. Its easier than you think to do, I just gathered the materials, did a little planning then got on with it.
Sorry I cant help with the pics mate.