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Nearly overcooked it ....

  Clio dci 1.5
I was out walking in derbyshire today with the girlfriend, we where a couple of miles away from Hathersage, at Burbage bridge.
When i spotted a silver mk2 ph1 come around a tightning right hand bend quite quickly, closely followed by a mk2 ph2 also silver, who took this bend a bit quicker than his mate, and maybe didn`t realise that it tightnened up.:S
Anyway ph2 went into a slide and then proceded to over correct it, 3 times, at which point i think he closed his eyes and let go of the steering wheel. !!!:nono:
He managed to get away with it just, but i don`t think he`ll try taking that bend at that speed again.
They pulled into the carpark by the bridge, but left soon after, probably had to go for clean underwear,lol
Ph1 was a Y reg i think with a cliosport sticker, and ph2 was a 54.


  PD130 Peach
Lol at this. Nightmare when you feel it's that bad to let go of the wheel haha.