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Nearside front wheel bearing

I need to change my nearside wheelbearing as it's on it's way out but have been quoted £150 to sort it out and don't fancy paying that much at all! I've searched and have got a rough idea how to do it but the thing is I don't have a press to get the new bearing back in? Is there a way around this? Thanks for the help!
  Fabia VRS Special Ed
£150 is ridiculous, i got my n/s front and o/s rear done for £100 from a local garage.

All that is involved is to dismantle the hub, but like you said you need a 20t press, some garages have them and if you know what to do just chuck them £20 to press out the old bearing.
You can buy new pair of Renault rear discs with the bearings in for less. Do them yerself! otherwise motoring for you will be very expensive.
It's the front bearing I need and have drilled and grooved discs so don't want reno ones! Have spoke to a garage who are willing to sort the bearing out for me if I drop them te hub! That's my Sunday afternoon sorted!
  Fabia VRS Special Ed
just sounds like a loud drowning noise, which increases at higher speeds.
sometimes you hear rattles from the inside of the car because of the vibration.
hmm not really, i thought it seemed to stop when i applied the breaks but now it doesn't!

i seem to get it more at certain speeds, which made me thing it was the bearing, but now i just have no idea :(
it seems to do it less under acceleration ( cant really hear it) it's sort've when im coasting that it does it the most

it's almost as if the brakes are not opened back up but now it does it when the brakes are on too im thinking its not that!
  Fabia VRS Special Ed
have you checked to make sure there's no little stones or anything stuck inbetween your pads & disc then?
i need to have a good look over the weekend, i've done some "sport" driving so i'd of thought if it was a stone it would've moved on/cleared by now!

will check over the weekend and let you know :)
  Fabia VRS Special Ed
ok mate, just worth checking anyway even if it's not the problem, otherwise you'll have a massive groove in both pad & disc.

Let us know if you get any closer...