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NEED SERIOUS HELP!!!!!! advice on what to do next.......

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  1.6 clio (first car)
OK, so i have been driving for 2months now, im driving a 1.6 RXE Clio with only 57,000 miles. It has only light modifications that have made a huge difference to the apperence (16" 172 5spokes, professionaly sprayed black, and black Clio Mudflaps on the gold body) and everything has been going fine. i took a junction too fast, managed to catch the small banking on the side of the road which put the car on its roof. Luckily its a tight lane where there is virtually no traffic so we got the car back on its paws after a short while. However............the cars door, rear quarter panel and front wing on the drivers side are all dented to the extent where repair would be an option if you were a millionaire, which i am not. The roof is partly damaged (dented) as well. As expected the Windscreen will need replacing as it cracked.

Now when we got the car back up, it started first time. Burned some oil and then all was good, the car was fine to drive, i drove the thing home. The alloys are curbed on one side, but my dad refurbs them so it would not be an issue, structurally they are sound. The exhaust system is intact, the cat is not damaged. As far as i can tell the car suspension wise is again fine. However, it is going to get looked at just incase. The brake pads are a couple months new, and the gearbox is in perfect working order. My issue lies within how i am going to get the most amount of money for my car. I have talked to my friends and family and there seem to be different routes.

The first is selling it of in peices. Literally stripping the car down part by part, although time consuming i have heard this is the best way to begin making your money back. Also getting complex items could be an issue as i am not mechanically perfect.

Secondly is selling the car at an auction, i am not a big fan of this to be honest as i think this is where i will get the least amount of money, but again i ask for your help as to if this is worth considering.

Thirdly, i sell the car on ebay. Hope that someone is looking to take it off my hands for a good price.

Now, for the second and third options i will be selling the alloys seperatly. I am thinking i would get around 400 for them, maybe more as they are extremely rare in a black colour and will be looking brand spanking new.

Any help would be absolutly brilliant, also i will be putting up pics tommorow if there is a strong response to this thread

Thanks guys
if you want to sell it PM me with the details, generally accident damaged stuff can't be put through normal car auctions though.
  421 Cammed 172
Can we put this guy up for an award for the best 1st post ever?

On a serious note. Josh is probably your best bet.

You won't get £400 for your wheels, no matter what colour you paint them. If they were turini's you may have a choice, but standard 172 alloys don't really hold any value unlike Turini's!


  Focus TDCi
^Lol, harsh. Epic first post though to be fair.

If you've got the time and space to strip it then do that, if you haven't sell it to someone who has got the time and space. . Also, £400 for a set of 172 alloys is extremely ambitious, no matter what colour they are.


ClioSport Moderator
If you sell the car in pieces this will give you the best chance of getting some money back, selling it screwed will make you, in my opinion, a big big loss.

The other option could be to look for a clio body with a dead engine at a local breakers/garage and have your mint engine put in it?

The wheels will probably sell for around 250-300 depending upon the tyres and the tread on them.

Hope that helps.


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  Octavia vRS
Flol. When I read the first sentence, I was expecting more than a set of wheels and mud flaps. Jesus H.
  1.6 clio (first car)
how much are they worth m8? lol yh i gave it the beans, it's the worst feeling in the world when i was sittin (or atleast hanging) upside down in the car, just a mixture of every human emotion
  Scirocco 2.0 tsi
1. ROFL at 400 for the alloys.

2. Are you not insured fully comp? if so i'd claim and get it written off tbh.

3. Isn't a car like that worth like 800 quid anyway? Its hardly worth the effort required.
  421 Cammed 172
Either that or he was speeding.

Must've been going some to roll it over.

Either way i'd just cut your losses and get a new one. You're gonna get robbed if you claim from insurance so it's not really worth it.
  1.6 clio (first car)
yeh you are right, claiming would kill the quote, seriously it isn't even worth looking into it, and yep im fully comp. ok so we are talkin 300 for the alloys wich is a bitc%% lol. Yes that is a good idea with getting a shell with a dead engine, but maybe take pieces of the shell put onto mine maybe???? problem is its gold wich is not the most common. 800quid ur havin a laff

Scott S

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  172 Flamer & ER-6F
FLOL, absoloute hero.

Can't say anymore without being offensive to a new member.
  1.6 clio (first car)
nope wasn't speeding, all the country roads are national speed limit. I was going 50 when i saw the turning late and slammed the breaks, was literally doing 20mph when i went to wide and it just went up the bank with 2wheels, when it started going over i just swore and held onto the seatbelt
  A Beautiful R32
Firstly, this thread is useless without pics... Secondly, how the hell do you put your car on its roof like that?
  M3 CSL, GT4 & SL
I'm guessing ashe's only been driving two months, next years insurance would be astronomical.

Its a pity driving like a loon two months after starting drivin, give all the others a bad name and the reason insurance is so expensive for nippers.

Know your limits woman :D
  1.6 clio (first car)
lol yeh, i got my m8 to take the pics so i will have to post them tommorow. There are scratches on the sides but the car wasn't going fast when it tipped so they arn't bad, its the dents that are gunna f%$& me up. How much would yu say i am looking at for a new door and a new bonet to be put on and sprayed? i am guessing alot????????
  1.6 clio (first car)
telling me im a loon driver isnt gunna help me, yeh i guess i was stupid for not going past, turning round and coming back but it's a little late now isn't it
Did the road look like this?

  1.6 clio (first car)
i think you should get out the thread if your gunna just say s**t like that, it's not what you should say to someone that has just had their first accident/crash or whatever
  1.6 clio (first car)
no jesus christ im not lying, have you ever been down a country road before? all it took was a 2 wheels of the road, i did it just hours ago!
  Golf GT TDI
lol at this thread.... just buy something else as you could prob pick another one up for between £200-£600


Seriously, I doubt your Clio is worth stripping bar the alloys. Take them off, refurb them and sell them on.

Your car is only worth around £800 - £1000 tops.
Unlucky with the crash mate. It happens i'll sure you'll learn from it.

Just sell odd bits of the car.
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