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New ARB fitted and new side Bullets..

  Artic Blue 182 FF
Decided to treat myself to a new WhiteLine ARB for christmas and some newly sprayed side bullets which I fitted this weekend. The ARB is brilliant really noticed the difference and looks pretty cool from the rear.




Ok so I got a bit carried away with the new DSLR.. but the picture quality is epic






Really happy with the kit pretty easy to fit and came from balance motorsport in like 3 days.

Next up Recaro's

Cheers for looking
  Megane 225 F1
Waiting for some fixings or something similar. Will do wonders when I finally get on track this year :D
  ph2 172 track car
I've got sitting at the top of my stairs, hopefully this weekend my whiteline will be fitted too!

Car looks ace :)
  Italian 3.2 V6
looks cool but just how much better is that whiteline? doesnt look like it will make that much change! lol.
  clio sport
i bought one from jamsport 165 quid delivered and fitted it last weekend makes a big difference ,anyone whos thinks it carnt make a difference really shouldnt be driving a clio sport
  Artic Blue 182 FF
exhaust.. haha well started life as a janspeed sport.. wasnt loud enough so had the centre section changed by janspeed.. but they used the ultra centre section and rolled it down.. because they wanted to try it out... sounded wicked... but still wasnt enough so decat fitted by them which i agreed 50quid fitted.. n after 4 hours of hanging off my lamba sensor.. they managed to get it on!! so yer well chuffed.. but the bar was just over 170 to the door.. n yer its the best mod i have done on any of my cars.. well worth the dollar! every Clio should have one!