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New AutoSmart products

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Hi just got 2 new products off Autosmart yesterday so thought i would give them a try and post the results on here
One item is called Cobalt+ its a spray on wax that you can apply wet or dry i paid £28 for 5ltrs but you can dilute it 1:4 or use it neat so potential of 20Ltrs .I was told it uses Ionic Nano Technology and AutoSmart are the first to use this (don't know what that is)haha
Other item is Fusion Solvent free dressing that can be used on trim (interior and external)as well as under the bonnet and tyres so got that too again £28 5Ltrs just a few pics to show the results.Used on tyres not greasy and was dry to the touch after a quick wipe.


  Golf GT & A4 Avant
Is the tyre doesn't overly look cleaned and dressed in the last photo? Interested to hear how the spray wax lasts