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New dog bone.. knocking not solved... help!

  172 Mk2 Ph1
Had the straight uprated dogbone mount that renault replaced the twisted one with. Replaced it, still have the bloody noise.

Its got worse too, gradually... it only happens when there is strain on the engine gear box, i.e. when letting clutch up to pull away, when ever I go over any bumps or it wheel spins a bit in the wet, and under hard acceleration in 1st and 2nd gear and now 3rd a bit!!

Its coming from somewhere in the front area, I am thinking it might be something to do with the suspension, as it makes a different noise when the front wheels go over those nasty little speed bumps compared to the rear wheels. Its more of a quickfire knoking now to like a machine gun type of rythum.

Anyone experienced this before or got and ideas where I could look, gonna take it to renault again tomorrow to see if they have any clue, which I highly doubt, but worth a go anyway.

Please help.
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  172 Mk2 Ph1
damn, just tried to loosen mounts to move them forward but neck of socket tool thingy isnt long enough, bummer!!! Off to renault tomorrow.
  monaco blue 172 ..
could it be the cv joint or something .they make a bang when they are on their way out ... over bumps