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New Megane RS

Check out Autocar this week - article on Megane RS

"0-60 in 6.5 and 140 top end" Twin exhausts a"halfway between the Renaultsport 2.0 litre and the clio V6" With a 0-60 of 6.5 you can be sure itll be quicker. Cost between £16K and £18K - not bad, may have to trade the 1600 in wneh it arrives!

Also for thbose who want to know - 6000 172s were sold last year in the UK, 920 Cups and 200 V6s - So cup is defo less common! Official figures BTW!

The Megane will be the 4th Renaultsport model in the UK and the RSport laguna has been ditched.

Also they are also considering striping it out and leaving out aircon and creature comforts like the cup - raw and ready!

Also forgot to mention its a 2.0litre turbo from the Vel satis! Should be quicker then would have thought - they should ditch all that weight and make it quicker!
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Unfortunately, I believe we will see the main thrust of Renaults participation in the WRC shift from the Clio S1600 to the Megane which will get the requisite 4x4 and turbo. Only for the works cars though, just like Citroen, Peugeot, Hyundai and Ford.

The 2.0 T in the Vel Satis is tuned for 165bhp. Id think they could do some fairly simple mods to it considering the NA 2.0 in the RenaultSport Clio makes 172bhp. But the best (though more expensie option) would be to sort out some forced induction to a higher performance engine like the 172s.

I heard they would make as many as demanded, nothing about batches?

This thread is also in off topic, hypes done a cool photoshop of a megane.

Thats what I was told, it said 500 in the brochure, press release, and in Julys Evo, and what my renault dealer said. Initially they made 500 obviously sold them and they obviously made another 500. U drive one yourself - surely u did ur own research on the car u were buying - dont rely on what others say?
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I think thats a slightly unfair comparison!!

Since the 172 was available for the whole 12 months so 6000/12 = 500 172s a month which I find very hard to believe!!!!! I very much doubt that 500 172 were sold on average every month!!!

And cup was only available to 3 months at the most so 920 / 3 = ~306 cars

So you made a fairly useless statement!!!! Where did you get those figures from?

Didnt u read the original post - Autocar this week!? Remeber theres 512 UK Renault dealers so 500 a month is peanuts. Just quoting from Autocar - go sl*g them of instead

How am I again inaccurate? I suggest u go buy Autocar and read for yourself -Im just quoting them OK! Cheees u try and post some news and it gets everyones backs up again! Is it safe to post anything? Calm down. The 512 was Uk and Ireland OK!
  Astra 1.9cdti XP

Not getting my back up - sorry if it has come accross that way.

Just your statement that the cup is more rare than the 172.....its bound to be it hasnt been out as long. But if you work it out then the Cup is selling more cars in the first 3 months of launch than the MK2 172 did after its launch! But again this is a useless comparison cos I would bet that their are a fair few imports to add to those figures!

I had read Autocar but I cannot recall what they stated about those figures!

Ive got to say the megane could compete with my decision of getting a cup/172 as i think they look great and from what ive heard from you guys it will be a focus rs rival. Any chance of renaming the club!
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Quote: Originally posted by RobFenn on 31 January 2003

Ive got to say the megane could compete with my decision of getting a cup/172 as i think they look great and from what ive heard from you guys it will be a focus rs rival. Any chance of renaming the club!
Good idea. We have a Clio & a Megane Cabriolet at the moment. The Cab will need replacing next year, and I read somewhere that there will be a Coupe/Cabriolet version of the new Megane.

AutoExpress are also saying that there will be a new Renault Spider soon!

Hopefully it will have some power this time round!

Looks like renault are pushing r-sport as major Mpower/ AMG/RS-esque brand, good on em.

Autocar got their figures a bit wrong. In the UK we sold 970 Cup and 1074 172s. The UK sells the most Renaultsport cars than any other country.

The Megane Renaultsport will not look as tame as the prototype that they photographed either.
  Renault Laguna Coupe

Not as tame? The prototype was hardly tame! So we can expect 19"s, lots of noise and performance similar to a Scud missile. I like the sound of this!

If you guys think that the megane in the pics above looks good, then Id hate to see your girlfriends.

Its terrible.

it says a quarter of 6000 172s sold in the uk so thats 1500 if my maths is correct!!! not that many more than the cup

Initially I thought the new Megane looked a bit sh1te, but having seen it in the flesh its not too bad. We should congratulate Renault for bring out something that look completely different and doesnt conform to the mini mpv look (Civic, 307, Stilo, Corolla, C3, Focus etc).
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Yeah went to the local Ren garage today to looka ta 172 today (which she loved, Good girl) but when she saw the Megane her exact words were:

"What the f**k is that!" Which surprised me as she never swears. They are rank.

Although being Forced Induction. Remapping/ chipping should see good gains and bigger fatter turbos. Be some beasts about before long I expect!!!

I like the new meganes, essentially most cars on the road are the same with different badges, but the megane is completey different and in my view, all the better for it.

Now that i know the clio will get the RS engine i dont really see the point in getting a megane though.


I think the new Megane looks gorgeous! I love it!! And im all over the RS version!!

As for the new clio, if the spy shots i saw are anything to go by - yuk! Its waaaaay more MPVish than a bloody CTR!!!