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New Tyres

Ahhhhhh.... Just ordered my new tyres, 195 50 15s instead of 185 55 15s a total saving of £24 a tyre. They are Bridgestone Potenza RE720 got a very good write up better that Goodyear f1s... £51 each tyre fitted......

I now have wider fronts than rears so should be able to get oversteer easier!!! :cool:

i have yoko proxes. I changed mine after a puncture, the replacements were over a 100 so i thought i might as well actually go for something decent. Whered you get yours fitted steve?
  H22A7 Accord Type R

what do they look like on the standard Rim Steve.............Thats what profile im going for when mine need done
  H22A7 Accord Type R

i thought with there being n extra 10mm or fubber they would have a bit more of an overhang! not that noticeable then? Who care, More grip, less money :) cool

Ok I got my tires.... They do come out slightly but understeer has almost gone.... Too much traffic to see about oversteer at the moment but im sure i will find out soon enough.... In a few words bridgestone RE 720s are the nuts!! He also said those contis are sh*te they have had lots of complaints about them wearing quickly!