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newbie with 182

  clio 182 black :)
hi there im from southampton and have been into my civics however i have always wanted a cliosport after finding sevral and thn chickening out i finally plucked up the courage to get one so here it is

the civic

the clio
55 plate
36000k on clock
both cup packs



let me know what u think

Hello mate welcome to CS :)
the 182 looks nice, i remember when mine was standard too........didn't stay that way for long though :)
  clio 182 black :)
i wana keep it standard on the outside. i want some decent coilovers for it and also spotted ktecs turbo kit for 2800 or what ever probs going to save for that as well as other little mods like short shifter biggr breaks maybe a decat.