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no luck...

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what a great day!!! i went to over take a land rover on a dual carriage way but didnt check my blind spot, i started to turn then realsied a car was there! i didnt go into the lane at all but the other driver panicked. He locked the brakes and snaked it then hit the central reservation.

git claimed he was doing 65 but i was doing 70 and pulling but never saw him.

Hes taking it to get some quote but rocons the damage would be too much for me to pay off without going through insurance.

Im now praying for low cost repairs.

this on top of the £2000 loan to still pay off/ mot, service and tax this month/ cliosport trip to pay off/ car still needing to be repaired from when hit by a mini in april/ insurnace renewal in may.

Er i aint sure but if i was you i certainly wouldnt admit liability.

Just tell the truth to your insurance company and let them decide if its your fault or not

From the sounds of it is was your fault, 1.6 16 valve im sure you wouldnt give that adivse if it was you he forced to hit the central reservation. If it was your fault put your hands up and admit it.


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Keep your eyes on the road James!

You sound a bit accident prone to me!


ouch - my mate did the same thing not looking as he tried to change lanes, luckily the driver in the other lane was alert and got his horn down quickly! i was bricking it though, dont fancy a 70mph smashup!
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i nearly did it last week the clio mirrors are sh*t for seeing out of

im probably gonna get slated for this but if i was you i wouldnt admit liability ive seen loads of people cause accidents and just leave and u didnt even hit him

if you didnt hit him and didnt actually go out in the other lane its his own fault


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Have to disagree with your there adiclio16v, as James seemed to have pulled out to overtake, without checking his blind spot and possibly without even indicating his intention to overtake, otherwise the driver who was going to pass James, wouldnt have done so, had he seen his indicators flashing!!
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yeh but thats in a perfect world maybe im just bitter cos in my short amount of driving experience (3yrs) ive had 4 people drive into my cars do minor to very substansial damage and just get off

so i dont know the exact damage caused to the other car but if it wasnt bad id have just got off without stopping im sure theres lots of people who wud do the same and i kno theres people who have done it too me thats just life sh*t happens

you could have done him a favor, someone did it to me last yr and then fooked off, i wrote off my car and ended up wit my clio:)

Admittadly we were racin:oops:
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i think it goes both ways, you could say you didnt look and pulled out or you could say the person behind was not paying attention and reacted at the last second, everybody makes mistakes and with so many cars on the roads you have to anticipate a lot of mistakes! One thing i always tell my girlfriend, the cars coming the other way or waiting to pull out of a junction could easily be, an unmarked copper, a drunk driver, stolen car etc if you always expect to see someone to pull out in front of you or cut you up you may be a little more prepared for that rare occasion that it does happen. I am the first to admit that i am a quick driver but i am always watching what everybody else is doing, that way i can react quicker to any hazard.

Yeah Derv, but if your driving along on the m/w and someone pulls in front of you just as your going passed your automatic reaction will be to swerve or brake hard which means 9/10 you will crash. Just admit it and dont make up stories because if he has any witnesses it will come back on you!
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lol okay ure all saints

i for one would have drove home faster than a mutha fuker an hid till mornin

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me too lol

if he dint hit your car your ok

he was driving too fast and unprepared for some tw@ cutting him up

sorry but thats how i see it i get enuff dozy c**ts pulling out in front of me on the mway so i know how it is
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im not very good at putting my point across, i didnt mean for him to make up stories just that he said he didnt even go into the lane and the guy behind panicked, which probably means he wasnt concentrated 100%, thats all, sorry for the confusion!

Hmm.. didnt go in his lane and he managed to hit the central reservation? Some peoples complete lack of skill just amazes me. If hed been paying attention he would have seen that you were looking for the overtake, and been prepared for it. Youll probably find he was bimbling along like a dozy fckwit and suddenly looked up to see you almost there, panicked and steered into the reservation. Amazes me. The last thing I want to do at 70mph is swerve out of the way! Stamp on the brakes, yes, but not throw myself into hard metal objects!

Im with some other people on this - dont admit liability. You can just say you looked in the mirror, couldnt see anything, indicated, drifted over to the line to get better road positioning, then did an over-the-shoulder check and realised he was there so stopped the manouvere (spelling). Its his lookout if he cant control his car! :(

starting to see the above posts point - when im driving on m/ways etc. you are always looking on the lanes inside of you, and can almost always tell if they are going to overtake the car in fron becuase of their relative speed. i hate the c**ts that try to block you from overtaking, whats the point (?), and if i see that then you tend to either (a) put your foot down and get past them or (b) pull back and flash him to get out!
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Quote: Originally posted by derv on 01 March 2003

i think it goes both ways, you could say you didnt look and pulled out or you could say the person behind was not paying attention and reacted at the last second, everybody makes mistakes and with so many cars on the roads you have to anticipate a lot of mistakes!

i should have looked over my shoulder but on the other side he souldnt have been speeding.

he was a real amateur driver, i realised he was there before even switching lanes and all i did was tap the brakes and move back but he completey locked up.

i could just drive off (mate stopped me!!!) through sometimes wish i had. its going through the insurance so ill have to submit my version and wait to see what happens.

Just really pissed off losing 3 years no claims
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update, its going though the insurance so im waiting for the forms i need to fill in but my dad took a call while i was out and it was the women that was in his car saying i have to pay her £350 excess for insurance!!

my old man kindly told her where to stick it, its his excess not mine.

so u indicated to come out and he went ahhhhhhhhh into the barrier and u didnt even enter his lane yet?? - then it was his bloody fault!
  clio 20v

i hope u havent admitted liability , id just let the insurance company fight it out there not going 2 want 2 pay out and i dont think its technically your fault anyway

you did evrythng right u indicated but never actually pulled out into his lane i dont suppose there was any witnesses




do not admit anything even if it was your fault

let the insurance company decide for you

to be honest mate the bloke was caught napping if he had been aware of his surroundings he could have saved his car from damage

everyone knows the rules - its other people you watch out for.

wtf pay her excess? tell her to go swing.

You pay your own excess if you get your own insurance company to repair the car and then get the money of their insurance company.

I wouldnt admit liability, i dont understand some people...driving at high speeds on a motorway and they just dont pay attention to the road. If im overtaking someone im constantly checking them out...accidents do happen but the last thing Id be doing at 70mph is slam on the brakes or swerve!
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Never ever admit its your fault (even if it is). That is what my insurance documents say.

Id tell them exactly what happened as well as the speed you were doing and the speed he was doing...the truth and nothing but the truth...and as for that woman who claims you owe her excess....Not a chance.

What was the speed limit? if he was over it then you might get lucky and the insurance company refuse to pay him on grounds that he was speeding.

I had something similar where an uninsured car hit mine (his fault as he came through a stop sign).

Next thing I know I get a phonecall from some woman asking me about the accident and why I didnt show him my drivers license. I told her he didnt ask for it, and it was in my car at the time. So she starts shouting at me and trying to trick me into admitting guilt so I just tell her to contact my insurance company and they will sort it out with her.

After a few days my insurance company let me know that they were taking him to court etc.

if you didnt change into the other lane the other driver acted too harshly probably looking for a claim. Argue it with insurance company. Did the other driver have a witness? Are there ANY witnesses, worst thing if not is 50-50 claim.

I know people should be good samaritans and say "yes it was my fault" but how many poeple can afford their premiums to go up?

If no contact was made with your car and the other one then as far as I can see (and from past experience) its the other cars fault.

I hit a lamp post avoiding a car pulling out of a junction and I was told if i had hit the car then all would have been ok. Even two witnesses and a passenger didnt stop it being MY FAULT!

Tell your insurance company the car was no where near you and acted extremely oddly, who else do you know would willingly loose it and drive into a central reservation instead of having a side swipe?

Good luck, at least you aint hurt

See if you can get his car tested for a dodgy master brake cylinder. There is no way that should of happened unless he was going sooo fast that he just shat himself or the brakes were faulty and they pulled him lright under hard braking.

Sounds to me like he was driving her car? Would explain him not knowing about poss faulty brakes. So chances are he was driving under his cover I.E. Third Party (which is fine unless you crash), therefore she is having to claim on her cover for her car (tell her to shove the excess). Sound very suspect to me. Dont know how much of a witness your passenger will make as hes not independent. Many years back an ex g/f had an older woman jump the lights and hit her, I found out that the womans independent witness was her hubbys best mate who wasnt there at the time! To my mind that is fraud but the ins co. and old bill didnt care and took her side as she was older.

I didnt check my b/spot once when I first started driving, came a natswiskas away from a serious pile-up. You only do it once. Even now I angle the side mirrors to the bspot (as Ive got a mirror on the windscreen for looking behind) AND look over my shoulder even when Im sure nothing is there.

sorry for the long post.
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yeah told her were to firmly place her excess!

letting the insurnace companies battle it out.
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Bad luck mate. Good job they didnt hit you. I see what people are saying about if it didnt hit you then youre ok. Im afraid as it says in your insurance, to not admit its your fault even if it is and you want to be nice etc.

Why didnt he beep the horn? or flash? but if he was in your blind spot, maybe it was too late.

I was in a pretty much identical situation ages ago in my VW Scirocco. I was driving my girlfriend home in the outside lane of a dual carriage way. Cars were tailgating me and i was doing about 85 ish not really tanking it. Anyway, a land rover (very similar!) towing a horse box decided it would pull out into my lane with me in it! and then reaslised i was there and swerved back. I stomped the brakes slightly (car did a boater on the suspension) and then heard this almighty screeching tyre squeeal behind me filling my rear view mirror, my reactions were "oh shoot" and chucked that gearstick into 3rd and booted it pulling away just in the nick of time. I heard about 3 cars (tailgating each other) have a pile up and bits were flying everywhere. I just toasted away as it wasnt my fault, they were following too closely and should have had ABS (!!;)). I felt it was my fault for a while, but it wasnt - the horse towing boat was the problem, but that kept going and the cars - i guess - would have to sort it out with each other. i.e. who ever went into who evers back end.

It bet, unless there were witnii (?) or unless you admit it, youll be ok. As far as your insurance company is involved they wont want to pay, obviously, and your car wasnt scratched etc so you couldnt have even been there.

Its like if youre caught speeding, you want evidence of a picture and calibration certificates.

Its harsh on the guy who crashed as its kinda ur fault, although if you indicated etc you did what u had to, but i bet he sped up to block you in, i think youll be ok. (if any of that makes any sense what so ever!?)

Things go strange ways sometimes. We bought a metro turbo, it had no TAX and was only insured 3rd party through a mates policy. Anyway, my friend drove it ( i think he wasnt insured, oh dear - > bad) and was going down a road where cars were parked on the other side of the road. A car was coming the other way on the wrong side (forced by parked cars) and they hit head on. The police knew he wasnt insured/taxed etc but his excuse was that he was testing it prior to an MOT/getting on the road and the police said that was ok, as it was only a few yards from its home. The other driver had to claim on his insurance in the end and my friend thought he was up for 6 points and re-take test etc. a lucky son of a ............and very naughty.