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now (with silvatecs) and soon.. (56k :S )

  172 M69 eater

thats cool clart ur entitled to ur opinion, they do look better in real life tho (dodgy camera phones!)
  A silver Honda

Sorry but I reckon black lexus or standard phase 2s lights would look better especially with the black wheels and mesh.

If you painted the chrome bits black they would look the shizzle IMO.

I love black wheels with a polished rim.

Get some Konigs in them arches!

[Edited by Darth Oli on 3/21/2005 5:37:39 PM]
  172 M69 eater

im gonna see how it goes for a bit, i do love em now but im the sort of person who will hate em in a month so ill porb go for black ones or spray them then! if not theres always a market on ebay!