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NW meet

  clio 20v

jus got back in now good turnout agen though i dont think evry 1 who sed they were comin turned up

a cup turned up so jon was happy hes been tryin to organise a race with one for ages hehe

had a few goes with the ap-22 jon managed a 7.7 best an a few 8s with much wheelspin in first and second an not much traction as roads were slippy , craggy also did a 7.7 an a 7.9 i think, seemed to get the power down well though the saxo has got good traction, best i could get was 8.3 greasy roads and 17s (and all craggys weight in the car hehe) couldnt get any beta times


So did Jon race the Cup then? The result?!

Didnt turn up myself as I still have the sh*tmobile. Pick up the Willy on Tuesday now...

  mk2 172

cheeky c**t lol, saxo traction isnt the best mate, its my balance of the pedal he he, coupled with great ability, and a note on the ap 22, i daresay trhere very accurate, cos one run was straight and flat, the other was uphill and sweeping left to start with, and me and adi got the same difference on both runs, which suggests its very consistent. good meet and nice to see most people, although the was a few people i didnt get to speak to, who were you? didnt actually know who was there apart from the peopl i know!, except a couple. shame it was so cold tho

  clio 20v

yeh there wasnt really anywhere to have a proper race but phone numbers were exchanged and jon has a few roads in mind

craggy- he he only jokin bud, "coupled with great ability" lol, its interestin though the saxo can manage a 7.7 straight off and i think i wud hav to do a few runs to get in the sevens, mine did seem to spin a bit more than the saxo not so much off the line as long as careful throttle was used but when i thought i had traction hittin 6k had it spinnin again, the sax defo has the legs on the valver though once again

craggy has a weakness though hes a nervous passenger he he "oooh u can slow down now" hehehehe

we will have to hav another go wen i get the willy lump and 15s bak on the front

  2012 WRX Waggon

i was there with the iceberg mk2 - freezin me tits off!

ur right about the slippy roads! i nearly lost it twice on the way out!

had a laugh on the way home through sale, met an R32, guy and 2 of his m8s wearin baseball caps - just played in the traffic, managed to get about 10secs on video, but i aint too hot driving single handed.

those R32 look mean from the rear.
  320d M Sport

Hello! Not a bad turn out condsidering the cold!! Again, apologies i never got to speak to everyone, i was:

a) hung over

b) well cold

Some nice motors there today and good to see Dave Hocking flying the flag for the "elusive" Cups.......

  mk2 172

lol adi, i dont half hate being a passenger when people drive fast, unless iv got dual control or something fitted, like to be in control, hang on, guess that makes me a control freak lol,.

lets spare a though for jon and his broken spring, not gonna be cheap either way, rip off reno at 80 quid a spring, or some aftermarket lowered ones for fifty but needing the torsion bar f**ked with:(
  williams and trophy

hehe yeah nice to see at least ONE person flying the flag for the elusive cup lol

there was only 2 problems with this tho.......1. far to slippy to race

and 2 .. after taking Dave out for a quik spin in the willy, hit a bridge and got a little airborn..........resulting in a nasty knocking noise trying to go round the roundabout..............broken spring racing sh*t.

no.s and places to go have been exchanged tho so wen the willys back fighting fit therel no doubt be some TESTING ahem!

i think i should have him tho .....but only time will tell

good turnout from evryone else too even the rally sl*g astra was well accepted niiiiiiiiice

still tooooooooooo fukkin cold to be stood round for hours yet tho methinks. see u all at next months lol
  Skoda Fabia vRS

was Col with broken spring matey, hes gettin coilovers done at hill power !

i got some pics and i might have got a short vid im not sure

was bloody freezin today !
  320d M Sport

Did anyone notice my wonky Renault Sport Badge? Anyone get a pic?? (I know Brun was hovering witha camera?)
  Skoda Fabia vRS

lol, i will check my pictures when i get home mate, im at the g/fs at the mo, ive got a feelin your rear (oo er!) is on one of em but it might not be centred

ill post em all up later
  2012 WRX Waggon

i noticed the badge paddy - just didnt want to say anything ;)

2 live - that bit of spring u brought over is the biggest thing i have ever seen fall off a car - respect!

ps - i was all geared up with me digi-camcorder for some drag action. anyone got any thought on where i can post my r32 or is it 34?? vid?
  Skoda Fabia vRS

does anyone not want there reg posted on pics, cos ive got quite a few on here and it would take ages to remove em all, if you want it removed though then mail me and i will do it asap !

Ages to remove reg? I removed ALL of them from the Brands Hatch lot.. 140odd I think! hehe.

nice to see loads of pics!

  mk2 172

lol brun, dont sell yourself short, you noticed the nature of the pic, i just though of the caption, i actually said the person in question is well, rather fit:)
  clio 20v

yeh it was very cold, sunnys paddy had turned out to b mine lol neva realised they were missin, gud job its not been sunny i wudnt hav been able to look cool hehe

sum good pics my wheels look very shiny :)

the place im getin my engine from shud have a set of willy springs off a willy 3 for jons motor will they be the same?

craggy-nxt time u come out with me ill fit an extra brake pedal jus for u dont expect it to be connected though hehe:devilish:


I brought the Astra.... sorry! I noticed somebody had already messed it up by turning up in a Saxo anyway, so.... :D

Thanks for not throwing stuff lol
  mk2 172

those damm saxos lol, tricky, what power is that astra? bet youve surprised a few and taken some scalps in that beast!

brun mate could you tell me when the next nw meet is please,

i know i havent got no clio but when i went to the rolling road day at bury everyone was talkin about setting one up i dont even know where its held! although the was som talk of the rebok stadium (bolton w ground) it then its just i never go on here to find out when it was / is!

cheers alex

red 19 16 mailto:127bhp/152@fly">127bhp/mailto:152@fly">152@fly

soon 2.0l willy coversion(i hope!)
  TT 225

Hehehe - alright you lot :) was nice to meet the ones i spoke to

How cold was it tho?! Next meet demands a minimum of a Maccy Dees to keep warm!

And a big how YOU doin to Tricky ;)

Heeyyyy..... how YOU doin, sweetcheeks ;)

Its 230 bhp and 227lb/ft Craggy, its good fun when its dry but it would be faster without the turbo in the wet.

I must admit I do get a considerable amount of sadistic pleasure picking on other road users in a old B-reg hatchback lol
  mk2 172

lol, so its fast enough! a real street sleeper, my mate has a 2.0 turbo nova, his is hardly inconspicuous though, it has 4 exhaust pipes, big kit, cream leather , its bright blue and has the "turbo" badge off a 911 pasted across the back lol, fukkin kwik tho, although he had to have it welded again cos it was ripping the car to bits at the front:eek: