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Official 172/Cup weight

Renault sport tells me that the official weight of the Mk2 172 is infact 1035Kg (also states this in original Renault brochure pamphlet) The Cup weighs 946Kg and has 181BHP/tonne !!!! Anybody wants the Renault brochure ill give you the part number

We put three Clio 172s on a Weighbridge some months ago now. The phase 1s were 1100 KG (full tank of fuel) and the phase 2 was 1120 KG (full tank of fuel). If anyone with a Cup goes near Stock in Essex (just off the A12 Chelmsford/North bound) then let me know and ill give you directions to the place. Would be interesting to put one on here then we can compare between the cars.

I put my Cup on the weighbridge where i was working today 1080kgs but take away 70kgs for me and another 5 of so for my tools. It had about three quarters of a tank of fuel.

Not according to the 172 brochure - it clearly says 1035Kg - does nobody get renault literature to read up on their car? Evo also weighed the cup at 946Kg and 181BHP/Tonne when the cup was first released in July. So that swhat Im going by...........the black and white alphabet stuff

Cheers matey............I knew I could do it...............I also collect all the brochures too just to have................its a sort of hobby.................strangely enough it doesnt give the weight of the cup in its brochure, but 1035kg - 89kg = boring yet so useful.



actually i have another renault thing on the cup (just found it )

it says

Kerb Weight= 1021kg

Looks like renault doesnt even know!

With regards performance its 6.5 to 60!!! not the conservatice 6.9 or 6.8

The new Focus RS down as 6.4 actually does the dash in 5.9 according to EVO - it would be nice however to actually know these kinds of details without car manufacturers/magazines contradicting one another

My cup will be down to 900Kgs soon anyway so I dont really care

CUPSIZE? - I dont think EVO actually weighed the Cup. Renault give out all sorts of dodgy figures regarding weight and performance (the MK2 172 has lost about 0.4 seconds "officially" to 62mph since its release!). Ive just looked through the article in the EVO I think youre refering to and they seem to just be using Renaults figures, which I think everyone has decided are a bit duff, to say the least!

  CTR EK9 turbo

This has probably been the most discussed topic on this board since i started browsing it in October 2001. In my mk.1 172 hand book it says my car weighs 1035 kg. Seeing as it was built before the mk.2 there was nothing to compare it with and therefore id have thought it to be the correct weight. Seeing as the mk.2 172 has other stuff added to it - blue lights, bigger wheels, climate control, higher-grade plastics, different body panels, chassis strengthening(?), different induction, different gearbox(?), different bonnet etc etc.

Maybe the weights go something like this: Mk.1 172 2000 model: 1035kg, mk.1 172 2001 model: 1059kg. Mk.2 172 2001 model: 1110kg and Mk.2 172 CUP: 1021kg ??? The differences between the weights of the mk.1 172s may be due to the bonnet being lighter on the earlier models. They were apparently replaced as they were easily prone to small dents. But 24kg more for a different bonnet - is that realistic?

Jass is a 2000 mk1 (alloy bonnet), mine a 2001 mk1 and the other was a 2001 mk2. The weigh bridge we used was correctly calibrated with government inspection to prove. Obviously there might be some differences between weigh bridges like there is rolling roads. The main thing is to have a criteria for weighing the cars and then get them all done at the same place.

Jeremys figure of 1110 does seem correct. Could put the 10KG difference down to full tank of fuel and variation in weigh bridges. The alloy bonnet will make a small difference in weight - nothing significant though.

So I would suggest the following:

172 Cup: 1021 Kg

172 phase 1 with alloy bonnet: 1087 kg

172 phase 1 with steel bonnet: 1090 kg

172 phase 2: 1110 kg

The difference in weight between a phase 1 and phase 2 172 is between 20 and 23 Kg - not much really.