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Oil in the air box and inlet manifold(1.2 16v)

  Focus RS
Hey folks

Ive got a 1.2 2002 dynamique clio as a second car.

Had it for a week and bought it knowing it needed a little bit of work. So I've fitted a new clutch, fitting a timing belt, alt belt and water pump on Monday and doing a full oil and filter change. Will be a great car when it's all done.

While fitting the clutch I accidentally caught the air box with my elbow and doing so I ripped the studs out. So since it was half off anyway I thought I'd give the air filter a quick check. To my horror i found the filter was saturated in oil, to the point where it was dripping from it. So ofcourse seeing this, bad thoughts start going through my head about headgaskets etc etc.

After a quick search it seems to be fairly common on my engine(DAF) but I'm still not too happy about it. So today I took the inlet manifold off. Under it in the little tray where the air is sucked in was full of oil. So using a syringe I drained it and cleaned the residue up with rags. In total I drained 260ml of oil out plus the stuff on the rags. It's still off just now and I'll look at it again on Monday.

So while it's of what can I look at/check to try and stop it gathering oil again? Done loads of searches and a lot come back with a sticky PCV valve(positive crankcase ventilation valve I think) but none actually explain what it looks like or where it is? Or how much they are to replace.

Or is it just a case of at somepoint in its neglected life(it should have 11 stamps in the book and 2 timing belt changes it's only got 1 stamp and still on original belt :( ) its been over filled with oil and its over flowed into the air box?

Any helpful links or info would be great. Would especially like to know where the PCV valve is and how to clean it, or if my cars even got one! Lol

Thanks for reading
  53 Clio's & counting
Hi mate, it will always have some oil as the engines breathers are connected to the inlet, so oil fumes and vapour will collect there
  Focus RS
Pictures(sorry there from my iPhone so not the best)




I put my fingers in to see the level of oil aswell

  1.2 clio dynamique
I had a little bit in my airbox (no where near as much as you), i just assumed it was due to the crankcase breather or something..
  Focus RS
That's what makes me think it's been over filled at one point. Could have been years ago and since the inlet manis not been opened up no one would be any the wiser.

If its not been over filled what could it be?

Also does the plastic tray come off? I assume this is the cam cover? Id like to remove that aswell to have a look.
  Focus RS
Going to whip the cam cover/Rocker cover off tomorrow and have a look.

What kind of gasket is it? Rubber hopefully
  Ph1 track 172
id go with overfilled at some point!

however reading that thread, it might be worth trying a new rocker cover!
  Focus RS
Yes I'll clean mine completely and put it all back together then in a month or so I'll whip it off again to check over. If full again I'll try a new one or a good one from a scrappies.