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Old Audi Coupe

Raced one the other day on a C-plate and totally destroyed it above 80mph (had a load of heavy stuff in the car and a roof rack on too). Was wondering what theyre like - I know it wasnt a turbo short-wheelbase version, but its got to be a 5-cylinder 2.2 jobbie?

Im not suprised you beat it, theyre not that powerful, plus it was also old and was a great car at the time but brakes and that must show its age. Id kill for that 5 cylinder warble though!

Id say it was about as fast as an E36 323i I raced a while ago. Couldnt tell you what the Audi Coupe was like off the mark as we were on the motorway, but it pulled well from about 50-80mph. The roof rack I had on reduces my top speed to !10mph - so it isnt exactly good for mid-range acceleration either.
  20VT Clio & 9-5 HOT

I had a quick blast with one of these a while back. From about 20 - 80. I was in front and making a decent gap. Was well impressed when I saw the 2.2 badge on the back. Think this was a H reg though! The driver didnt look mimpressed when we stopped at the roundabout . He must have burned a months worth of tread in one wheelspin :)