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Ordering parts from your Renault dealer

  Clio II 1.4 Priveleg

When you need to obtain replacement parts for your Renault - whatever model - from a Renault dealer, the parts person you speak to will require some very important information. This info is located on your car in the form of an OVAL plate or sticker. Depending on the age of your car it will be located in several locations. All cars from approx 1991 will have a sticker located on the drivers side B post, between the front and rear (if applicable) doors. Other older vehicles will have an alloy plate rivited to the right hand side inner wing or baulkhead or on the bonnet landing panel.

This sticker contains the info the parts person WILL require to correctly identify YOUR vehicle.

Write down all the info from this sticker or plate and supply the info when asked. This will ensure you will get the right part for the right car almost! everytime! There are some exceptions, sometimes the MAKE of the component maybe required. For example:- Make of headlamp, Hella or Valeo. Distributor cap, Ducelier or Bosch etc.

You maybe asked by the parts person for your registration number only, as with modern technology, they maybe able to find all the info required by tapping into Renaults database.

I have only posted this message to help you, help yourselves!

Any questions, please post a message!

Happy parts shopping,


You work in parts then? The guys who work at my renualt garage are the thickest t***s youll ever meet (no offense if you do). Havent got a clue whats going on most of the time. Every single part ive ordered in the last 4 years some dickhead has mucked it up irrelevent of me supplying them with the right details.

The last part i bought some idiot tried to tell me my front wing was metal not plastic, he was convinced it was metal, even though i tried to tell him it wasnt over and over again. Put me on hold for 3 mins then said Oh heay it is plastic, never knew that, t**t.

How do these people get a job, they are clueless.

rant over.

aaron, just to fuel the debate - rang 2 renault garages tonight to try and get a cambelt tensioner - the first couldnt even put me through to parts: get this, i was put through to main desk, then to service, then to main desk, then to service, and finally the woman forwarded me to herself?!!!

the second put me through to the wrong department again, but then said she couldnt even put me back to the right one and i had to ring again.

never ordered from them myself, but if thats anything to go by, i see what youre saying mate!
  Clio II 1.4 Priveleg

I do not work in the parts dept (thank God) but I do work in the workshop of a large Renault franchise!

I encounter parts related problems EVERY day but this is minimised by supplying the info they require to do their job to the best of their ability!

Try it next time - it just might help!

PS: McDonalds do reject people who admit to have worked in a Renault parts department! I think I am about to get my head kicked in very shortly!

Enjoy it while it lasts is my favourite quote!

Thanks for the reply Bobrte. And welcome by the way!

Oh yeah went in to get in an air filter not long ago as well:

Me "Can i get an air filter for my 16v clio oval plate number #########"

Parts guy "Yep no problem, back in a sec"

Comes out in a second "Has yours got air conditioning?"

Me "Air conditioning?? No 16vs had air conditoning?"

Parts Guy "Yeah they did it says here on my screen..."

Me " Look mate this is a 95 clio 16v blah blah blah, and none of them (as far as i know) has air conditioning between 91-98"

Anyway the parts guy was again convinced that some had air conditioning. the guy didnt have a clue!
  Clio II 1.4 Priveleg

You are absolutely right! No 95 Clio had AC not as (UK) standard anyway.

However, the Renault system for looking up parts does ask some strange questions, EVEN WHEN YOU ENTER ALL THE VEHICLE DETAILS!

This, once again, comes down to the product knowledge of the parts person involved. These poor guys cannot know every option of every car and can only use the tools at their disposal. The customer is always right, as they know what they have, and that should be reflected by the customer and recognised by the parts person!

Just another point, did you know that parts is ananagram of PRATS!

Dont let them know I said that!

  Corsa 1.3 CDTI

One thing made me laugh on my car.

I have an anoying rattle coming from my window. Upto about three weeks ago the back seat also rattled. So in it went to Reanult to have a look at it. I went in to collect the car a few days later and asked them what the rattle was.

Service Guy "The rear seat rattle was cause but a small rubber gromet that was missing"

Me "OK and what about the door rattle ?"

Service Guy "Err that was caused but the seat rattling through the body work and effecting the window"

ME "Err OK"

Took the car out of the forecourt and the rattle started again in the window. This guy obviously forgot to sort the window rattle and was just bullsh1ting me.

my clio was in to have a rattle fixed 5 weeks ago. When I went to pick it up, they said they needed to order a new part, the lower half paassenger side dashboard, should take 2 - 5 days.

10 days later I phone back to the parts department, is the part in yet? Sorry, its not in stock, its on back order, should be in the next two weeks.

Well thanks for the call to let me know! Two weeks later I phone again, the parts department are busy, but will phone back. No they wont. I had to phone 3 more times before I could speak to someone. I was then told, sorry we havent actually ordered the part as we didnt know which one we needed, but after just looking at loads of diagrams we have now worked it out and have ordered it. Should be in on tuesday.

Well, its not friday, no sign of a call from renault.

Pathetic, incompetent, and just downright rude.
  Abarth 595 Trufeo

The guys at my local Renault parts desk arent too bad - they have a new guy so you have to be patient whilst he goes off and asks questions to the other parts guys or asks you a million questions - but so far so good - everything they have ordered for me has been right and they have phoned to say the item is in.

The best one I had was when I went to Halfords to find out how it would cost to have the rear brake pads changed - the guy behind the desk tells me that Remault didnt make a 172 untill 2001? and when I told him that they made them from 2000 he called me a liar - so I got him to come outside and look at the car - he then told me it wasnt a 172 but a 1.6 16v (mailto:tw@t">tw@t) so I opened the bonnet and showed him the 2.0 engine - he was having none of it even with proof - and refused to admit he was wrong.

Went to Renault in the end - werent that much more expensive either.


what a joke, i cant believe perople can be that up themselves! why cant people do what bob said earlier and let the customers be right - surely we should all know our own cars?they seem to trhink that they have in-depth knowledge of every car going!!!
  Clio II 1.4 Priveleg

Sorry to hear you are receiving bad service from your local Renault dealers!

Door rattles are normally caused by several factors.

1. There is a drip rail made of plastic attached to the bottom of the glass which can fall off or partially fall off which will rattle.

2. There is the side impact protection. This is a honeycomb of plastic which can also become dislodged of completely fall off.

3. The runner the glass contacts at the bottom of the window travel is held in place with a plastic clip. This can also become dislodged causing a clicking noise only when lowering the glass all the way down.

The door card (trim) will need to be completely removed to inspect all the items above.

Hope that helps.

If you have a new Clio and its under warranty - take it back to your dealer.

Hope that helps.