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Organised Race with mates Renault Spider......


hello everyone havent posted for a while but still about and around..

My mates got a spider for those sunny days so both took the motors out for a rip....results below

Quite a fair match:

1st gear (37 mph)- exactly same
2nd gear (61 mph)- the spider pulled away half a cars length infront
3rd gear (90mph)- both cars stayed same distance apart
4th gear (115) - spider pulled another half a cars length infront
5th gear (slowed at 130mph) - pretty much equal although i believe i was catching him slowly however this be because he was clearing the wind infront.

Quite an even match, id say a willy or 172 should have one no hassle.

Anyone else raced one? If so how did u get on?

  Renault Laguna Coupe

Dont they have the 150bhp Williams engine? I would expect to get totally toasted by a Spider.. they weigh nothing by the looks of them.

Teady forgot to reply to this one.

Had a race again with him and again kept up pretty well. 2nd gear he pulled away slightly other than that kept equal distance.

Telford mike, dont always assume youll get toasted by something that on paper is faster. Remember Renualts quality control is absolute sh*te, so its often the case cars are made with different power outputs. Mine might be a little faster than normal and the spyder might be a little down on power.
  Renault Laguna Coupe

By the looks of those power and weight figures I think youre right. Hard to believe a little thing like that weighs 950kg! There was an article in CCC recently about tuning the Spider - interesting stuff.
  BMW 320d Sport

Im pretty sure the Spider was nowhere near 950 kg. Thats the same as a Clio 16v or Willy. Was it not somewhere around 750-800? Quick anyway.
  Skoda Fabia vRS

race one around a track, the spider should eat you alive

and there capable of about 220bhp with throttle bodies

Surely the Willy/16v is also capable of that power then - both have the F7P/R engine!:D

Spyder does weigh 950kgs. Willy/16v weigh 975kgs.

Strange, i expected the spider to be much lighter and quicker than that. Theyre a bit expensive for the performance considering theyre not much more than a willy really.