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Oxygen sensor problem

  RenaultSport Clio 182 CUP

My 182 is just in renault at the moment (Again :( ) and they have told me that the oxygen sensor is faulty due to external damage and there for, its not covered by warrenty :mad: . I assume this is because I have a stainless and janspeed cat.

They have quoated me 80 quid for the sensor and 90 quid labour + vat. Does this sound right because surly its just a matter of unplugging the old sensor and plugging in the new one as 90 quid labour sounds steep?

Cheers guys
  BMW M135i
Its good old renault labour costs at their finest. The lambda sensor just screws into the exhaust, wouldn't have thought it was that difficult a job to do yourself, f00k 90 notes.
  tiTTy & SV650
labour charge is robbery there its a quick change, i got mine done in a matter of minutes under warranty (before I got my new zorst). You can get the part from reno and get an independant garage to do it for a minimum labour charge (maybe £20 tops)
  RenaultSport Clio 182 CUP
I thought it was a bit steep, i was under the impression the 182s must have a special oxygen sensor or something which are hard to fit. Iv been done like a kipper and have already agreed to the work being done now nooooooo......:eek: