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P/X Value 05 FF 182


ClioSport Club Member
3 months ago I got £6700 PX a 54 plate Artic with cup packs on 45k if that helps.
  Inferno 182 w/ Recaros ;)
I was looking at getting a 350Z Roadster a few months back. Similar miles to yours on a 55 plate. Without any haggling he started with £7,000. I could have probably gotten him up to 8 if I'd have been buying.
  FN2 Type R +MK6 Golf
Depends on what your buying.If your spending 20k at there garage then you will get a better trade in than not
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You'd get £8k easily p/x!!!!

Don't listen to the g33ks on here.

@ Revels - You totally pw3nd the mother f**ker.