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part ex phase1 172

  renaultsport clio 182
not much difference i know,but thinking about chopping my phase1 172 for a 172cup its a y reg 2001 32,000 miles on the clock oydesey blue but no service history although it is up to date on services,basically do you think,say if i took 2 grand plus my car i'de pick one up.


ClioSport Club Member
yes, have you looked on trader? you can get cups for quite cheap these days, the main difficulty is going to be selling yours with no sh. im sure you could get a cup for 6/7k (maybe bent?) and flog yours for 4+ and you would be ok. but if yours is running well you wont notice much diff, and tbf yours still has a low mileage.

do you not have ANY reciepts though? :S
You can pick up cups for £6k but getting £4k for your might be pushing although some will pay that much for a low milage car.

I'd keep your own car personally.