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Pearl Black 172 PH1

  01RS,03 EP3,99 Evo 6
Hello guys ,

Last week I bought a 2001 172 Clio PH1. I assume it´s one of the last made? It´s from April 2001. Let you guys enlight me on that :)

The car has about 150 000 km or about 93 000 miles. The car is stock and I don´t pretend to change it too much to be honest. My main goal right now is bring the car to perfect condition.

In my garage :


The car has loads of service history and fortunately the owner was as OCD with maintenance as i am. Regular oil changes (2000 / 3000 km!) and lot´s of parts bought from Renault since new.

A picture of the interior :

One of the first things to change was a broken air vent. A phone holder was the responsible for this.


I managed to find this local to me


In the meantime i noticed that upon braking the fog light turned on. After a quick google search decided to remove the rear lights to clean the conectors. Easy fix.


Decided to see if the original spare tire was stil in place. And it is :) It seems no one touched this in 19 years.


And the last picture with the big brother


More updates soon :)
  01RS,03 EP3,99 Evo 6
And...some good news and some bad news :)

Let´s start with the good news, shall we?

Received my wheels and center caps refurbished. I think they look very good.

And that was a good excuse to went for a drive with the Mrs :) (Never mind the rear ride height , the parking brake was on)

image.jpg the problems began. When arrived home noticed a whining sound coming from the engine, increasing with Rpm and the car stalled on the traffic light. Odd . When parking it on the garage started to notice some smoke from the engine bay! Quickly shut off the car and went for investigation , the alternator was Hot, and i mean really really hot and smelling like burnt electrical.

After a quick check on the forum noticed this issue more than one time. Any external reason that may lead to this? Ground problems? Electrical problems?

After a quick look online, i think this alternator is the correct one?

Can some one confirm it? :)

And for last a few pictures of it washed.







Not a bad looking...broken car :cautious::ROFLMAO:
  01RS,03 EP3,99 Evo 6
Time for some updates :)

I was not easy getting a alternator for this car. Ordered one at the local car parts store for 180€ and when it arrived noticed that it didn´t have the thread . Returned it and went to the Renault dealer. 275€ and when it arrived...didn´t have the thread also! After a lot of phone calls it seems that Valeo has stopped making the thread for the lower bolt. Ridiculous . Went back to the 180€ one and open the thread myself.

A picture of everything dissembled to remove de b*****d .

FOTO 1.jpg

And lots of parts laying around on the garage...

FOTO 2.jpg

Since i was here, decided to perform the port matching of the inlets myself.

FOTO 3.jpg

Lots of material to come off it seems...

Upon removing the aux belt I noticed it state !

FOTO 4.jpg

Glad i found it on time.

FOTO 6.jpg

Everything covered while i ported the manifold on the bench.

FOTO 14.jpg

Ported and cleaned .

FOTO 7.jpg

Brand new alternator, aux belt and oil filter.

FOTO 10.jpg

Engine oil

FOTO 8.jpg

Gearbox oil...

FOTO 9.jpg

Power steering fluid...

To be continued...
  01RS,03 EP3,99 Evo 6
FOTO 11.jpg

Air filter...

And a look of the mating surface of the head cleaned.

FOTO 16.jpg

FOTO 17.jpg

Ptfe gaskets arrived also .

FOTO 15.jpg

Alternator in place

FOTO 12.jpg

Belt in place, what a pain to instal !

FOTO 13.jpg

Lower inlet installed

FOTO 18.jpg

Upper in place

FOTO 19.jpg

Starting to look like a car again.

FOTO 20.jpg

Still needs to be done :

- Flush cooling system
- Install Bumper
- Install Front grille

  01RS,03 EP3,99 Evo 6
Good work.

What’s the details on the Evo??


It´s a 1999 Evo6 RS-2 . That means the lightweight version with mecanical diffs and no Abs, No Ac and soo on :) 1320kg wet on proper scales .

It´s almost stock regarding Engine. Has only a Downpipe and full HKS Exhaust, HKS intake and Dump Valve. I focused my attention on the Handling. Has Ohlins DFV with rose jointed top mounts, has Godspeed discs all around with Carbotech XP10 . And some other suff for sure :D

Evo arrabida 2.jpg

Evo arrabida.jpg

Evo arrabida 3.jpg

Evo alinhamento.jpg

Evo motor.jpg

Evo por baixo.jpg

Evo Interior.jpg

  01RS,03 EP3,99 Evo 6
Stunning example mate 👍

Thank you so much. It´s a great car still today. I jump in to lot newer cars and faster (on the paper) and still they have not the feeling and a lot of times the pace of the Evo on twisty roads :) Over here in Portugal it´s easy to have the cars in good condition thanks to our weather. No snow and litle rain is the norm were i live .

Look how clean my Saxo Vts was . Original, never restored or anything painted.



  Clio 1.6 16V
Thank you so much. It´s a great car still today. I jump in to lot newer cars and faster (on the paper) and still they have not the feeling and a lot of times the pace of the Evo on twisty roads :) Over here in Portugal it´s easy to have the cars in good condition thanks to our weather. No snow and litle rain is the norm were i live .

Look how clean my Saxo Vts was . Original, never restored or anything painted.

View attachment 1510159
View attachment 1510160
View attachment 1510161View attachment 1510162View attachment 1510163View attachment 1510164View attachment 1510165View attachment 1510166

That was in contest condition, so clean and so beautiful, why people here in Portugal like to destroy cars like these :(:cautious:
  01RS,03 EP3,99 Evo 6
Well, everything is done in the engine bay and back together.

Decided to remove the door silver trims. They are in bad state and need to be refurbished . Anyone knows the oem color code by any chance?


And while removing them, found this .

The passenger side is the same. Time for a trip to Renault tomorrow to see if they still have it ...


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  01RS,03 EP3,99 Evo 6
Thanks for the pictures and feedback :) In the end i have cleaned mine and turned out ok, not perfect. But for now think will leave it as is. In the weekend will install them and take some pictures.
  01RS,03 EP3,99 Evo 6
Well, first of all happy new year to everyone :)

Since i had a few days off during the hollydays i decided to give the little clio some attention. On thing that always bothered me was a small stain in the boot carpet. Took if off, wet vacuum with some fabric cleaner (Poorboys) and it´s like brand new again.


Looking as good as new i guess


Then i decided to give the rear seats some love. Since the purchase i only gave them a good dry vacuum but this time decided to spent some time with the wet vacuum one more time , after dry i applied generous amounts of poorboys leather stuff. I think they look very good for their age .



Now I need to paint the rear seat belts near the seat as you may notice they are very faded. Any tips regarding witch paint should i use?

Decided to move to the front seats and interior since some things needed to be address.

First of all was the hazard switch, how it was :


I can not express how much this bothered me. So after some time opening the hazard unit it was solved.


The following step was cleaning the pedals. Tried before with apc and a small brush but to no success. I think it was some kind of tar glued to the pedal. Some Wurth industrial cleaner and a small wire brush ....

Before the works




And after

  01RS,03 EP3,99 Evo 6
Next item to be addressed were the interior door handles. Both of them were broken. how? I don´t know. They were in quite a state.

Drivers side (LHD it is)


Passenger side


Awful. And look at the dirt behind the screw. No way this was going to be left this way.

70 Euros after and two brand new original door handles were with me.


Old and new drivers side.


And passenger side


And finally everything in place


After this decided to give the front some love. Apc in all the plastics, leather stuff in the leather and plastic conditioner on the plastics . Just need now a good razor to take care of the front seats. The one with a sharp eye may notice my airbag is craked and that is next job . Dash off to replace it a few more things :)



And to finish a picture of the whole car

  01RS,03 EP3,99 Evo 6
Time for an update :) Manage to buy an Alloy bonnet. Needed to travel 300km to pick it up but was worth it. Of course, it was silver, so a respray was on order. Trusted the job to a friend of mine who has a body shop and could not be happier with the work. The paint is a total match and you could not tell the difference. Well, the only difference is the weight of the bonnet which is way lighter than the original. Just like my wallet, it keeps getting lighter...

Leaving the body shop.

And in the garage.



To be continued :)
  01RS,03 EP3,99 Evo 6
Well, since we are still in lockdown and can´t do anything time to tackle this job : Airbag swap! My airbag developed a nasty crack that annoyed me and let the interior down.

The cracked airbag


Starting to disassemble everything.





Someone was here before...


And fixed the proper way.


Everything cleaned with APC .


As you may notice also removed the air vents foam that were dissolving !

  01RS,03 EP3,99 Evo 6
New airbag in place. Yes, it only uses one bolt :D The other "space" does not have a pitch thread.

And since the top of the dash was off time to replace a broken air vent. Don´t know how people manage to do this.


New part



Noticed the foam on the top of the dash was coming loose.


Took care of it with some glue.

Then i took care of the foam on the ducts. Used Tesa tape.



Not pretty, but will do the job 100 times better than the old one that was coming apart :)

Cleaning everything upon reassembly.




To be continued...
  01RS,03 EP3,99 Evo 6
And time to clean everything when it was all finished. Very happy with the interior for now.





The seats do need some love on the suede and drivers side bolster (Has some scratches ), but only nex year. This year I need to perform the timing belt along with some other things.

Like this 197 Camshafts that arrived at my house...


  01RS,03 EP3,99 Evo 6
Small update :)

The licence plate light was very old and letting the car down to be honest.



And the new part


And in it´s place


100 times better!

And now the fog lights. The plastic part was a bit faded.


Removed both from the car. Still the original units.



And after a good cleaning and some plastic paint.




Small jobs, but together they do make a difference !
  01RS,03 EP3,99 Evo 6