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Pearl Black 172 PH1

  Evo 6 , 172 Ph1
Well, time for a big update :)

Decided to open the wallet and buy some upgrades for the Clio. The shocks of the car had been replaced a couple years ago (about 3000 km) with new Renault items, but the Bushes were still the original. The car was not knocking and passed the MOT with flying colors but i knew that i should replace them :) . So in order to address it i bought this :

Clio Cup Wishbones


Original anti roll bar bushes. I have read many times the poor fitment of the Powerflex ones and could not be bothered about it. You may also notice the Exhaust gasket set.


New coolant tank and Renault antifreeze


Regarding the lower engine mount, decided for the Powerflex since the reviews are all good and will provide a minimum increase in NHV.


And with all this parts will install my 182 exhaust manifold and 182 Cat to be fully legal.



To be continued :)
  Evo 6 , 172 Ph1
- 182 Exhaust Manifold in place
- 182 Cat installed
- Cup Wishbones
- Anti Roll Bar bushes
- Tie Rods
- Powerflex lower engine mount



And now i am facing this problem :(


The 182 manifold/cat is too long to attach to the original cat back exhaust. Also notice how bad my center muffler is. Someone was there before and made a mess of it.

Will update during the week as the work continues :)
  Evo 6 , 172 Ph1
And the car is back on the road :)

The engine bay with new coolant tank and fresh coolant.


And the 182 Manifold and cat together with the Std ph1 rear muffler. Quite happy with the 182 manifold. It seems to have some more torque down low.


Today I am going to give it a good outside clean and then will post some pictures .
  Evo 6 , 172 Ph1
Well, went to give it a good clean and noticed the car behaving a little weird. It seemed to be low on power and with a lumpy idle (Worse than the usual) . Decided to change a few things.

- 2 X Lambda sensor
- Coil Pack
- Spark Plugs

Before starting the operation
Foto 1.jpg

Foto 2.jpg

Plastic cover off

Foto 3.jpg

The correct spark plugs

Foto 4.jpg

Foto 5.jpg
  Evo 6 , 172 Ph1
The old coilpack. I believe it´s still the original. So 20 years. The wires have only a couple of years. I have a receipt for them from Renault.

Foto 6.jpg

Intake off

Foto 8.jpg

The old spark plugs

Foto 9.jpg

And the new ones

Foto 11.jpg

Torque to spec

Foto 12.jpg

The new coilpack

Foto 13.jpg

In place

Foto 14.jpg


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    Foto 10.jpg
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  Evo 6 , 172 Ph1
And then was time to replace the o2 sensors. Glad i sprayed wd40 in the previous days. They come out really well !

New vs old.

Foto 16.jpg

In place :)

Foto 17.jpg

The pre cat one

Foto 18.jpg

Foto 19.jpg

All done regarding the o2 sensors :)

And the underside is looking good despite being filthy !

Foto 20.jpg

Foto 21.jpg

Went for a drive and the car is definitely smoother.

Foto 23.jpg
  Evo 6 , 172 Ph1
And time for another update . Decided to start cleaning the underside of the Clio. I always try to perform this on my cars for several reasons. First i can see if it the car needs something in short order (Leaks, Split rubbers etc) and besides that, it´s satisfying :D . Specially in cars like this that lived the whole life in southern Europe where there is no snow or salt on the road .

So, let´s start.

Left hand side rear arch


A closer look

Foto 2.jpg

Foto 3.jpg

Very dirty from 20 years of driving :)