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peco exhaust

hey peepz

i wanted a cheap exhaust so i bought a peco powermaster from the new all stainless steel boxer range, finkin it be ok!

only cost 100 inc fitting and i sounds LUSH! i cant believe a 1.2 could sound so sweet, and be such good quality being peco!

neway, just wanted to tell u in case ne1 else was considering a cheaper exhaust system!! im well chuffed!


  clio 20v

not wantin to be a party pooper i wasnt too impressed with pecos exhausts i had a powermaster twin and that lasted 13mths before the baffles came loose and finally a weld broke and it snapped off

then got a powermaster boxer one and that lasted about 8 mths and the baffles started rattleing

i wasn impressed and as you have to send the warrenty back within 7 days of buying it i didnt get anything back from them


Nice ! Glad your happy with it. Good price too! As an x qualified specialist welder and fabricator I cant believe the cash these people want for an exhaust.

Its a complete rip off as stainless is so easy to weld and look good. I dont think 100 fitted is a bad price though!
  clio 20v

i think a lot of the time your money goes into the research of the zorsts im pretty sure mongoose spends time testing there exhausts for them to make a bit of power and make sure you dont lose any

plus thers nuthin worse than a badly fitting exhaust, magnexs always fit perfectly, my mongoose needed a bit of tweaking, my mates milltek needed a bit of work to go on and spent lots of times being jacked back up for adjusments

  Audi S3 225

I also have a peco powermaster, i bought it about 12 months ago and ive never had any problems with it, Im very happy with it. Sounds proper mean with my pipercorss induction kit.

Looking to get a massive twin straight thro exhaust to go at the back in the middle, I was looking at the Rage universal ones, but not too sure about the quality might just go for a full system from powerflow.