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Pedals... Anyone use anything non OEM?

  BMW M6 & 172 Phase 1
Being basically a taller whiter version of Lewis Hamilton, I like to heel and toe when driving hard on road and track.

The standard RS pedals aren't bad for it, the height is pretty spot on, but when wearing certain shoes (race boots etc) I find the gap a little wide for the side foot style heel and toeing. Does anyone have different setup which has a slightly closer brake and accelerator, or ideally just a wider plate on the accelerator?
  172 Ph1, Lupo GTI
why not look at getting some aftermarket race pedals so you can extend the accelerator pedal nearer?
  BMW M6 & 172 Phase 1
why not look at getting some aftermarket race pedals so you can extend the accelerator pedal nearer?

Yeah I am, I was just looking for opinions. Had a quick look on Demon Tweeks and saw a few sets, not many of them look to have a wider accelerator plate though
  Schma Schme 1.6l
on 1 of my evo's, i cut out a bit of treadplate, shaped it to the 'go pedal', countersunk 2 screws into it and hey presto, i large pedal.

but in the clio, i just bent the pedal to where i wanted it.
You cant heel-toe with standard pedals? Amatuer ;)

I have some aftermarket Sparco pedals in my car, there not any bigger than standard though. Think James @ JMS tinkered with his standard pedals to allow an easier heel-toe, best giving him a shout! :)
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I can, but just not in the natural way that I like to, which is a quick dab with the outside of my foot, not my heel.

How you manage it in your heels is beyond me ;)

Talented, you just cant teach it ;)

+100 on the delay, does my head in. Mercedes Sprinter is the boy for heel toe action!!

The delay isn't too bad in my Cup though there is a difference between that and cable throttle! Funnily enough I find the works van (transit) easier to heel-toe than the Cup!


ClioSport Club Member
Our new Scenic is great for it LOL...the missus hates it when I do it.

On my Cup, I've never found them anything other than perfect...I can almost completely cover the brake and still have plenty of foot left over to roll off to the right and blip.

Check out the burpspeed race car progress thread, IIRC they extended the tab on throttle as one of them couldn't manage it either.
  Clio 182
Does anyone find the accelerator to be too far back from the brake? Was sure there was a mod for this but cant find it now
  BMW M6 & 172 Phase 1
Just to resurrect this thread, I found a picture from a Clio Cup Racer website and am going to attempt to do something similar to this with mine...

Not quite as close together, but looks great to me :)