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Performance figures


ClioSport Club Member
  Laguna V6 and 19 16v

Hope you dont mind me intruding on your site, Ive got a 19 16v, which has been chipped (Hill Power) has a Hill Power induction kit and a full Powerflow exhause. The cars a low miler, so engine isnt knackered, and I consider myself quite a good driver.
I cant see how half the claims on this forum can be true though. If I went by some of the posts on this site, theres no point in buying a perceived "fast car" (i.e 172 or clio 16v). You may as well just go and buy a base model clio, and this will beat near enough anything that gets in your way!!
I appreciate 172s are a different kettle of fish, and I would love one, so please dont reply to this post saying im sl*gging off 172s or 16vs, coz Im not. It just amuses me when I read these so called "giant killing stories, because I dont see how they can be possible.
PS, Great site
  Skoda Fabia vRS

yea im sick of em too

i did beat an MR2 to 60 tho last night......and then he flew off into the distance hehe

And i did see off a Mercedes Sprinter Van the other day....

...Dont laugh, they r damn quick

If u read all the way down the post ud find most people dont believe them as well. Like the i beat a evo in my 1.2! lol

Just treat it like you treat reading The Sun everyday

Ive beat lots of cars in my Williams, some of it I would have never of thought possible (maybe they werent really trying). But i have also lost against quite a lot of cars too, and im not ashamed to admit it. I to find myself in a state of disbelief at some of the claims on here, but then again its not as bad as the Saxo forum. LOL.

  silver valver/hybrid

mav, i agree those sprinter vans are quick, tried to race one in the transit van, but he well and truly dusted me!