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Phase 1 gt turbo

  Clio 182
Picked up this stinker off a friend a few weeks back. Plan was to repair it when the inevitable came and here we are.
basically needs putting back together and sourcing some rare over priced parts.

came with a ton of spares but missing many nuts and bolts all of which I have from other cars years back.

it’s going to need the sills replacing but I may just let the new owner do that as it’s also going to need a full respray due to it being 34 years old.

the cage is coming out and I’ll revert it back to factory as much as I can with what I have.

luckily the body kit is all present and original which makes it quite rare.
I believe there is less that 30 of these left in pearl so I had to save it.
I’m off work on full pay so it’s a nice result to be paid to do what I enjoy.
  Clio 182
So I’ve got some of the interior in so far and started putting the kit back on and chasing out the electrics.
lots of it isn’t working due to corrosion on the plugs.
Had the engine turning over and primed the oil system after fitting a new filter and oil.
its not a million miles off running but I’m chasing my tail finding parts.


ClioSport Club Member
Pearl phase 1!

interesting the rear body kit and bumper is still the original color which is nice to see.

is it still fitted with the phase 1 front bumper? Seats?

pay much for it?
  Clio 182
I still have the phase one bumper and grill.
seats are phase 2 but I’ve brand new phase one covers.
however I’m selling those along with a ton of other goodies.
Plan is to get it running with what I have and not to do a full restoration.
paid 4 grand but I’ll make 2 back on the spares.
then sell the car running on eBay staring at £1 and if I make money then happy day’s.


ClioSport Club Member
You mention brand new phase 1 seat covers, are they genuine Renault items or repo as they can be had from a guy in Spain.

let us know a price for the front bumper and grill plus the seats covers if genuine.
  Clio 182
Seat covers are sold. im only selling parts I don’t need.

that body kit is the most valuable item in the car. You can pretty much make up a number as you can’t find them in original shape.


ClioSport Club Member
Yeah man!! I can't wait to see this done, what a great project!! I rarely saw the Phase 1's back in the day, let alone now!!
  Clio 182
I wish I had the love for it to restore it fully.
I have the seat covers and the wheels.
really it just needs a little welding which I can do and a full respray which is where the hard bit is.

but I’m just on it to tie me over with a little cash if I’m honest and my mate needed it out the way as he’s got a convertible turbo 1.
only 2 of them in the world as it wasn’t a production car.
When that’s finished it’ll be around 150 grand that thing.
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