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Phase 2 Clio boot rust

  172 Exclusive

Going to look at a 172 Cup this weekend. It's become apparent that it suffers from the boot rust inside the lip that is common due to the water drainage issues.

Surprisingly, having looked back through its MOT history this has never been raised. I'm waiting on better pictures, but I do have one below I screenshot from a video I was sent.

Thoughts? Worse case scenario I buy another boot, have it resprayed and fitted. Anyone had this issue and what was your solution? The rust looks like its spread, you can see the paint bubbling and peeling either side. Unsure if this section could just be cut away and fabricated or if the whole boot is done.

Any advice appreciated. Thanks


ClioSport Club Member
Its a minor issue that and a bolt on panel which is easy to replace, you wouldnt even bother repairing that, replace with rot free panel, and i prob would not bother until it gets worse.

Ive never seen rust there personally but the clios are getting on so its not really a biggie. Id be more interested in looking at the sills and arches to see if they are in good nick.

Mot does not flag stuff like this its only structural rust thats logged.
  172 Exclusive
That sounds promising, thanks. I was hoping that would be the case tbh, but i'm no expert and have no prior experience with Phase 2s (although EP3s, much experience with rust lol).