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*Photo shop request* Subtle colours and a lower please

  Monaco 172
Could one of you kind people please have a go at doing a ph2 172 monaco please. would like color coded bullets but with orange numbers, orange renaualt badges all over (inc wheel badges) wheels in a brighter silver, rear bumper trim in orange also please maybe calipers too if your feelinig creative I will post up a decent side on pic later if that helps.Rob B
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  130i Road, 172 Track
Hey mate, can you add some punctuation to your request. I don't understand what you want done,

Also, if you provide some base images you're more likely to get someone to help.
  130i Road, 172 Track
Monaco ph2
Colour coded bullets with orange lettering
Orange badges (inc ones on wheels)
Brighter silver wheels
orange rear bumper insert and calipers.

Got it.

I will see if I have any Monacos saved on my computer and then what I can do for you.
  Monaco 172
Cheers Walkie, it's an MOD system so I cant use edit features or quotes, its so restrictive - no pictures either!
  Monaco 172
I do like the look of that! I think the calipers maybe a bit to much though.

It's either orange or yellow.


ClioSport Club Member
  Titanium Ph1 172

Do it. :rasp:

I think it looks pretty cool. Just do the diamonds and bullet lettering, anymore orange would over do it IMO

And I still think anthracite wheels too!
  Monaco 172
Walkie, could you do it with anthracitte wheels, silver calipers and clear indicators please.

I think we could be onto a winner!