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Pic Request: Black 182s with v6 spoiler

Not sure if anyone has one on their black 182? Really considering getting one.

Can't find anything on the search.
  An orange one
i just won a trophy spoiler on friday for £100 on ebay! :):) never thought in my life i would get it for that little
  An orange one
Renault wanted over £300 iirc i cant wait till it arrives i cant get it done iceburg and give my mk1 vee the spoiler it deserves!!

Im sure i saw it on here for sale maybe 2-3 weeks ago..
  Monaco Blue Mk2
^Seriously doubt that...if he did that is the bargain of the centuary. Bit gutted I didn't know about that on ebay myself!
  Chocolate Bar™
50quid a piece to have them made by an indpendant company. i never got round to it, just held the boot lol