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Pics and Opinions of Morette Headlights!??

  Mini Cooper
Thinking about getting Morette Headlights on my Clio when I buy it, like these:

Just wondering if anyone has got any pics of these on Clios, preferably black, but any colour will do!! Has to be the Mk2 Ph2 Clio though!!

Also, what are peoples opiniuons on these, do you think they suit the Clio, etc and............

........................wheres the cheapest place to get them!??

Cheers :cool:
  133/225/CLS AMG
I actually think they are pretty cool, worth doing as long as you haven't got Xenons!!!

But then again, on the right car I think clear tail lights actually look pretty cool. lol
  A Real Cup
I like these on some cars and not on others...This is a no go for the clio (Ph2) imo as it spoils the cars lines on the front.
  Mini Cooper
Ive bought Middos car which looks like this:



PS It now has Trophy Grey Turinis on, not White Willys


ClioSport Club Member
  Extreme mode

look well on mk1 ph1 clios, puntos 106's etc,

but mk2 phase2 clio's


White Silver

ClioSport Club Member
  Mini JCW and FRS
Nearly £300 to make the headlights look worse..hmmm

BTW what the hell have they done to that liquid yellow 182 in that first link? Nasty front bumper, crap sideskirts and horrible rims, they should be shot! Or maybe they did that so the headlights wouldn't look so bad.


i think there overpriced but can look good and equally look as bad
dont put morretes on your car its black i have the same colour and trust me i've seen a different pic and it looks like a ford ka! just be patient and wait for some black angel eyes to come out