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pics of rebuild engine bay

  clio rs
been a few weeks i had the car rebuilt and rebored, just took some pics today,
engine is still running in only done 60 miles since.

before and after pics
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  clio rs
i drove the car without any oil so the bottem ends went

was done by essex engine in south east london, i think i got a good deal
cost me £1300 including service, all belts done, new head gasket, plus rebored engine.
plus the even sorted out the crunch on the 3rd and 4th gear. and 1 year warrently on the engine. Gotta go back it 500 miles as he will service the car.
That bay looks so much better and cleaner, keep on top of it this time :rasp:lol.

Have you reverted back to the standard engine mounts by the way? Pretty sure you had the uprated k-tec mounts?
  Nissan 370Z
do you always have to run engines there was a big discussion about people just saying thrash them even if there brand new.
  Turbo'd MX-5 MK4
lol, my uncle is the same, never checks the oil or tops it up in any of his cars, the more worrying thing is he is a lead designer/advisor for Rolls Royce Aviation Engines, fpmsl.
  Track 172cup
Oh right, must have got mixed up with someone else then :S

you might be getting mixed up with the cup i bought from Doug off here mate ;)

glad you got it fixed and back on the road, engine bay looks much better aswell
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