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Pics of the new car (56k warning)

  20VT Clio & 9-5 HOT

Picked it up on Tuesday, and only managed to get insured yesterday. Had a bit of a nightmare with insurance.

The car is an import, only engine mods are blitz exhaust and decat. 276bhp and 240ft/lbs.

And I know imprezas arent everyones taste on here...but here are a few pics after a wash. Just need to go and polish it now!

(and i know one of the wheels has a slight dent, its being replaced or fixed asap) :))

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Seems a smart one mate... Brings back old memorie of my Scooby! You will be wishing for snow loads of fun!:D


ClioSport Club Member
  Clio trophy

sweet i like it... bit worried that leather may get stained though! - ie through dirt and nothing else!

very cool

good man!!! try and get an intercooler from a type r if poss!! and also HKS Blow off valve sounds awsome - might wanna lose the induction kit too..

But apart from that....... lurvley!!
  Punto/Clio GTT

mate that looks absolutely spankin. look at the interior!!

ide love one of these, please dont be affraid to post more pics up :D


ClioSport Club Member

You already know i approve!

What year is again? Has a different dash and engine to my bros by the looks of things?


  RS 182 - Black Gold

Mate give me a PM, mite be able to point you in a very good direction.
  20VT Clio & 9-5 HOT

Cheers, it is a minter, i wouldnt have bought it otherwise :)

yes uprated I/C is on the list for sure! takes a bit of fiddling to go on though so iv read! IK is also coming off for a proper jobbie. dump valve sounds nice though, so im ok with that!

only other things really are a few gadgets iv ordered to ensuring its running sweet
  A silver Honda

:D Thats looking stunning!

It already looks polished lol.

Love the interior, wasnt sure at first about the Diablos wheels but they look sweet.

Love it:D
  20VT Clio & 9-5 HOT

Quote: Originally posted by JillyB on 04 March 2005
Lovely colour :D

yeh i wanted something dark after the banana hehe! its actually got red speckles in the paint but you can only see them in direct sunlight

same colour as my type r was - the red speckles look awsome when they catch the light!! very very very nice colour!!

if your gonna do any track days or 1/4 miles in it try and get hold of some smaller alloys for the occassion..


ClioSport Club Member

Quote: Originally posted by Justy on 04 March 2005

Quote: Originally posted by Tom20v on 04 March 2005

Quote: Originally posted by Justy on 04 March 2005

also - try get the strut brace from type r - its all carbon! mmmmmmmmmm!
Is that what my bros has then? His strut brace is carbon!
yes indeed!! that actually is a type r or ra engine is it not? thought red tops only appeared in the type r and ra!!
Hmm this is a strange one! My bros is a STI 5 door but all it has is a blitz system with decat and its never been RRd under 300bhp?

Hes been told its the RA engine by someone before who is a scooby fanatic?! Do you think it is justy?

yeah its def a type r or ra engine, the layout of the engines of the ra and r were different from the others as you can see from the pics, the r and ra have a differnt entrance for the air intake, bigger manifold and bigger intercooler. so you can tell your bro it is def a type r or ra engine!!!

As for performance - my type r had 285bhp without a cat, once it was decatted and had head work it was 333BHP!


ClioSport Club Member
  Weeman sucks ****

I like that but change those wheels, theyre rank IMO. Get some nice OZs, not as big either. Lucky man having those horses to play with.

Thats lush compaired to the yellow one.

Well impressed mate - and them brakes are massive !

Good luck with it.
  20VT Clio & 9-5 HOT

lol, think ill leave it black!

it is very fast, but ill be honest and i reckon the banana would give it a run for its money once rolling! not a chance off the start tho, iv never known anything fuk off the line so quick, even if you just set off from a junction a bit quick it takes off, but once rolling i would imagine the banana to be close behind! but as most of you know that wasnt exactly slow!

but i didnt buy it for pure power, i bought it because I wanted a change from a stripped out clio. i wanted comfy leather seats, back seats, stereo etc but without loosing out on any performance! so it might only be roughly the same as the clio but its nice and comfy!

insurance is a bit of a sore point at the mo! basically i got offered insurance by one of the companies i enquired online with for £1200! i said id ring em back but i mistook the company name and now i cant find out who it was! ir rang every one and nobody would touch me till im 25. im 24 at the moment, insurance is around £1500 FC

as for wheels, the smallest that fit are 18s due to the brakes :eek: and i personally like them, but each to their own :D

cheers for the comments! the red clio you can see in the reflection is the other car ill be driving about as I dont really want to use this as an every day car!

jo3ned, im sure ud kick my ass mate! lol! no doubt about it, but it has run a 13.3@107 at santa pod last year!

i wouldnt be so sure he will kick your arse - a few more mods and you can get the 1/4 down to the low 12s. thats gonna be hard to beat!!
  Nippy white cup

I reckon it feels similar to the Banana but will be quicker m8. I had a do with my m8s 300+bhp RB5 and it pulled away pretty well at 80+. Love the Scooby tho m8.....cant find a fault with it myself and look forward to seeing it at York...You coming this month?


very nice pal, the classic shape is the only one to go for and in STI spec or above, very wise!

PS, keep the wheels, they have that jap racing look which i think suits the car.

absolutely awesome car Craig
i love it mate, i love the interior (i never seen a scoob with leather either)

very nice !
  20VT Clio & 9-5 HOT

cheers, interior is a one off custom jobbie! i couldnt resist when i saw them!

i dont know if its because of the car or because of the converted clocks but bang on 30mph feels stupidly slow! more like 20mph. might be due to being a bigger car?