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Picture request - Cup Turinis(ET37)or any 16s(et37) on 182

As title, can anyone post pictures of how a 182 sits on cup turini's or any 16s that are et37.

wierd request i know and preferably pictures from the rear

Thanks Rob
Front or rear Justin ?

Ive just ordered some 8mm spacers for the rear, im on 195/45/16s on ET45 wheels.
205/45s ? sorry about Q's ive searched his whole pro and cant find if trhey were, look like it tho
  PH1 iceburg
I was thinking something similar. I have standard 16's on a 172, what ET are these? would putting 182 wheels on when it is dropped on coilies lessen the rubbage?
  R56 JCW
Thats why u dont get any rubbing coz of the 195's. im after getting some PE2's in that size but there is a massive back order :(


ClioSport Club Member
I've got Trophy Turinis on mine due to the drop i have on the coilovers.

Trophy Turinis have a different offset, more suited to lowered 182's with Cup Suspension Packs