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PMS topmounts - Do they rattle/knock?


ClioSport Club Member
Quick question guys.

Those of you running the PMS topmounts/strut brace setup.

Do they rattle at all?
Increased NVH?

I’ve had numerous spherical bearing topmounts on cars, some high end and silent for years. Others rattle and knock from day one due to poor bearings/design.
So got binned off.
Taking them off of most cars is not an issue, however I’m reluctant to want to drill holes in my turrets for a crap quality product.

So can those who have them give me an honest opinion on them.

Im looking at potentially buying some dampers so tempted to do the mounts at the same time. If they poor, or #becauseracecaryo, I’ll stay OEM. Ta 🙂👍🏼


ClioSport Club Member
Cant say for them but so far AST mounts and BC mounts both silent. The asts were getting a bit older one started to making some creaking noise could of been just some grease needed, I think the bcs design would last longer without noises though. 130 quid off kam racing and caster/camber adjustable


ClioSport Moderator
My PM's top mounts and brace don't make the car rattle. Had them on 3 clios and has been fine on all of them.


ClioSport Club Member
Quick one gents,

New design PMS top-mounts vs old. Is it just the material that have changed from zinc plated steel on the old ones to 7075 alloy on the new ones?


ClioSport Club Member
  clio 182
Gen 1 steel, running 550lbs up front no rattles m8. It's like anything, keep it well serviced. Clean and re lubricate often and you should never have a problem