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Polished & waxed mk2 172

Well as winter is on it's way i decided to give the GF's car a Good polish and Wax. Lot's of products used but wont boar you with the full process,

but heres a brief decription.
Washed with two bucket method and megs wash mitt and Turtle wax extreme Wash.
Dired, Car taped up so polish doesnt get on the trim out with the PC polisher. defects removed with a Swirl remover polsih, then a normal machine polish, then x2 coats of wax, wheels waxed, new exhuast polished and treated. inside hooverd & protected. Leather Trated.

Time taken 6 1/2 hrs.

Heres the photos.

Car been taped up and out with the PC. Some photo’s during the taping up. Blue tape used to stop wax / polish going onto the trim and other areas.




Here is a before of the wing – swirl marks inflicted by myself when trying to do a quick detail rather then washing the car a couple of months back, wont be doing that again.


Thre afters










Sorry for my ugly mug reflection in the door



Thanks for looking any comments welcome.
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  Meg 225 Trophy 0482
nice mate, very very nice!! But why mask off the badges? Wax won't do any harm to chrome plated badges or headlights and some bumper trim should fetch off any wax that you do get on the plastic.
When you using a PC, Polish can go everywhere 10mins masking up can save 40 mins getting polish from all the nucks and cranies / rewashing the car again.
Thanks for all your comments.

I used poorboys Super Swirl Remover 2.5 to remove swirl marks and scratches then a lighter polish used to rectify hazing from the swirl remover, Meguiars speed Glaze #80 was then used. I then topped off with meguiars yellow tech wax #26.